Senator Braun joined Fox & Friends to react to the testing discussion at the Senate HELP hearings with Dr. Anthony Fauci as well as the Democratic House’s proposed $3 trillion “bargaining ploy.”

Senator Braun joined Chuck Todd and Katy Tur on Meet the Press Daily to react to the Senate HELP Hearings with Dr. Anthony Fauci, FDA Commissioner Hahn, and CDC Director Redfield.

Senator Mike Braun joins Major Garrett’s Debriefing the Briefing podcast to discuss the Fauci hearings.

When it comes to treatments and lifesaving cures, the U.S. healthcare system is second to none. This is why, when a loved one receives a cancer diagnosis, or a parent is told her child has diabetes, we can bear such unsettling news with a sense of hope.

However, we constantly hear from constituents who are struggling to afford their prescription medicines. The current drug pricing regime is leaving too many people behind.

The coronavirus pandemic lends even more urgency to our efforts to ensure lifesaving cures are affordable.

Senator Mike Braun of Indiana talked with Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson about today’s virtual Senate hearing on the government’s COVID-19 response. Senator Braun also commented on the proposed three trillion dollar relief packaged proposed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Saying “I Think It’s Politically Risky, Because It To Me Is Like The Green New Deal.”

For Coronavirus Assistance, please visit braun.senate.gov/coroanvirus-assistance.

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