“Right Jab And Middle Jab And Left Jab” November 26, 2019

“Right Jab And Middle Jab And Left Jab” was created because we have a couple of commenters that post on a daily basis either in our “IS IT TRUE” or “Readers Forum” columns concerning National or International issues.
The majority of our “IS IT TRUE” columns are about local or state issues, so we have decided to give our more opinionated readers exclusive access to our newly created “LEFT JAB and Middle Jab and RIGHT JAB”  column. They now have this post to exclusively discuss national or world issues that they feel passionate about.
We shall be posting the “LEFT JAB” AND “MIDDLE JAB” AND “RIGHT JAB” several times a week.  Oh, “LEFT JAB” is a liberal view, “MIDDLE JAB” is the libertarian view and the “RIGHT JAB is representative of the more conservative views. Also, any reader who would like to react to the written comments in this column is free to do so.

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    • More on Operation Boomerang (Must see video on Biden’s criminal admission while bragging):

      Three Senate Committees Open Investigations Into Obama-Biden Ukrainian Election Interference

      Biden, of course, bragged about withholding $1 billion from Ukraine unless that country fired a prosecutor looking into corruption involving an energy company that was employing his son, Hunter, for tens of thousands of dollars per month.

      And he did it on video.

      Quid, meet pro quo….(see video)…

      no fewer than three Senate committees are investigating Obama-Biden solicitation of election interference from Ukraine.

      “BREAKING: No fewer than 3 Senate committees are now formally investigating Obama-Biden solicitation of Ukrainian interference in the 2016 election, as well as Biden family corruption in Ukraine. Investigators seek records from the DOJ, FBI, DOS, DOT and the U.S. National Archives,” he wrote….


  1. Fake news? No way.

    CNN Peddles Idea That Trump Supporters Are Under ‘Mind Control’ and Stuck in a ‘Destructive Cult’

    …It’s been pretty clear for years now that Donald Trump has driven liberals crazy, but a CNN segment over the weekend put an end to any doubt.

    CNN’s Brian Stelter, a man who hosts the laughably named “Reliable Sources” program, trotted out a former Moonie and author to regale his viewers with “proof” that President Trump is not only leading a cult, but that he’s exercising “mind control” over his followers in the process….


    • More Clinton News Network update:

      CNN Contributor Says Trump’s Praise For ISIS-Killing Conan the Dog Was “Terrifying”

      Imagine being this upset over a dog killing a terrorist.

      A CNN contributor reacted to Conan the dog, the canine who helped kill ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, being presented to the media by President Trump by claiming that the whole experience was “terrifying.”

      Yes, really.

      “This is terrifying. Trump and Melania exude coldness to Conan the hero dog. Melania, whose coat is slightly macabre (to me, but others may find it lovely), moves away from Conan multiple times,” tweeted CNN political contributor Joan Walsh, who is also the author of a book called What’s the Matter With White People?….


      • Liberal lunacy now at Notre Dame:

        Protesters at Notre Dame demand removal of 50% of white male authors from curriculum

        We already know that white lives don’t matter. What we don’t know is how much they don’t matter. No one has bothered to quantify the relative worthlessness of white lives, though inroads are being made. Data gathered for the 2018 American National Election Studies (ANES) pilot study reveals that left-leaning white people are 13.7 points in the red when it comes to evaluating the self-worth of their group….

        Now another data point has been established, though this numerical value is far more intuitive than scientific. It comes out of Notre Dame University, where activists are demanding that at least 50% of white male authors be removed from the curriculum. There you have it: White lives, especially those of men, are worth about half what lives of non-whites are worth….


        • Surely this is the one thing we can agree with lunatic liberals about:

          College teacher: I chose not to have children, because they’d be white

          A white Ivy League professor has taken to the pages of the Huffington Post to condemn her own race, declaring that she chose never to reproduce because her children would simply inherit white privilege.

          Ali Michael, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education, was prompted to air her radical views in reaction to the Rachel Dolezal saga, in which the head of Spokane’s NAACP branch was revealed to be a white woman who simply identifies as black and has assimilated into black culture. Dolezal’s aspiration to forsake whiteness and embrace a new race, Michael says, is actually a common ambition among whites who are repulsed by the racism and privilege they see all around them….

          There are several terms in the psychological literature that approach a description of Michael’s mental disorder, among them autophobia (a morbid fear of being egotistical) and oikophobia (fear of the home), though the best label ultimately is the tried and true self-loathing. Regardless of what you call her malady, consider her therapy — remaining childless — a win-win all around.


  2. Don’t expect to see this new law reported in the lame stream media:

    Democrats are going to have a tough time figure out a way to paint President Donald Trump’s latest bill signing as a negative.

    The president made animal lovers nationwide smile on Monday when he signed a bill into law that makes certain acts of animal cruelty a felony

    “The Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act prohibits extreme acts of cruelty when they occur in interstate commerce or on federal property.” The New York Times reported….


    • Don’t worry, the leftists will still complain about this:

      Donald Trump Signs Bill Criminalizing Animal Torture

      President Donald Trump signed H.R. 724 on Monday, a bill criminalizing animal abuse and the creation and distribution of pictures and videos of animal torture.

      “It is important that we combat these heinous and sadistic acts of cruelty, which are totally unacceptable in a civilized society,” Trump said as he signed the Protect Animal Cruelty and Torture Act (PACT).

      The president was joined by a number of animal non-profit activist representatives from the Humane Society, Animal Wellness Action, Big Dog Ranch Rescue, the National Animal Care and Control Association, and the Warrior Dog Foundation.

      “From battlefields to hospitals, from the ranches of the frontier to the backyards of America, from animals of service to animals of war, our nation’s animals have played a vital role in the development, settlement, security, and happiness of our country,” Trump said.

      The new law makes it a federal crime to engage in the crushing, burning, drowning, suffocating and impaling of live animals, allowing federal law enforcement to prosecute perpetrators within federal jurisdiction, according to the Humane Society.

      “We have a responsibility to honor the dignity of God’s creation,” Trump said. “With today’s act, we take the critical step toward being more responsible and humane stewards of our planet and all who we want to cherish and take care of, and all of those who live on it.”…


  3. The Soros sponsored swamp leftistss are fighting back with big money, despite what Bernie and Warren are claiming:

    Democratic donors have built a formidable dark money network to obscure the source of more than $600 million funneled to liberal groups and initiatives last year, tax forms show.

    The massive cash flow came from Arabella Advisors, a D.C.-based organization that says it provides “strategic guidance for effective philanthropy.” In reality, the group does far more, funneling hundreds of millions of dollars in anonymous donations to some of the most influential advocacy groups on the left.

    Entities traced back to Arabella have invested more than $1 billion powering liberal activist and interest groups since President Donald Trump took office. The establishment of the complex network of nonprofits marks the Democrats’ adoption of a once-derided Republican strategy: building a massive funding network that provides donors anonymity….

    But some information about its funding can be gleaned from the tax forms of other organizations, which show a connection to liberal billionaire George Soros’s network of left-leaning groups.

    The Washington Free Beacon previously reported that Demand Justice received $2.6 million from Soros’s Open Society Policy Center, for example. Fallon also appeared around the same time at a gathering of the Democracy Alliance, an invite-only club of progressive millionaire and billionaire donors that was cofounded by Soros. Sixteen Thirty previously paid the Democracy Alliance hundreds of thousands in consulting fees. The alliance also lists the fund in confidential documents instructing donors on where to route money for part of its $275 million spending plan for the 2020 election cycle.

    Sixteen Thirty Fund director Douglas Hattaway also runs a strategic communications firm that previously advised Soros’s Open Society Foundations, according to a cached version of the website….


  4. Never to be reported in the mainstream media arm of the DNC:

    Arizona Dem Lawmaker’s Former Staffer Gets Jail Time After Assaulting Trump Supporter

    Last year, Daniel Zaroes Brito, former Legislative Assistant to U.S. Rep. Raúl Grijalva (D-AZ), attacked a man who was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat and waving a sign that read, “Vote Jobs, Not Mobs–Vote Republican.” The victim, Tucson resident Jonathan Sparks, suffered serious injuries in the assault.

    Brito has now been sentenced to 12 days in the Pima County jail and three years probation.

    “The assailant had jumped on to my ankle from behind,” Sparks explained last November. “So I, knowing my ankle was broken into four pieces, turned around to grab and take the hat back and my hands latched on to the hat.”

    They both fell to the ground in the altercation. Through it all, Sparks recalled hearing the words, “Hitler” and “Nazi” and “Trump.” Brito then came over on top of him and “over and over again” he hit him.

    Sparks spent 20 hours in the hospital and had to undergo surgery.

    He mused that if the situation had been different – for instance, if he had been a black man or if he had been waving “a rainbow flag,” there would be “a sea of reporters” on the scene….


  5. Jihad Squad update:

    3 Of The “Fraud Squad” Members Are Under Federal Investigation

    The three most prolific members of the “squad” of freshman representatives are the subjects of multiple Federal Election Commission complaints and ethics probes.

    The congresswomen have been accused of violating campaign finance laws for their personal or political benefit….

    Below are the Federal Election Commission (FEC) complaints and House ethics inquiries that have been filed against Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan since they took Washington, D.C., by storm in January with the promise of bringing about a more equitable and just world….


  6. Liberals Rant About Having to Spend Thanksgiving With ‘MAGA Relatives’

    Welcome back to that time of year when progressives have to consider facing their No. 1 fear: how to interact with someone who disagrees with them.

    Liberals, particularly of the vehement anti-Trump variety, have taken to social media in droves to stress, joke, and lament about having to share a meal with their “MAGA relatives,” preemptively wringing their hands over the mere thought of being asked to pass the gravy to an aunt who voted for Donald Trump. From blue check-marked personalities with huge online followings to everyday Americans with tiny pages, it looks like many progressives are gearing up for about the least joyful holiday imaginable. ..

    In case you need tips for being a miserable hag over the holidays, Raw Story published an entire article entitled, “Here are 5 one-liners to fight back against your right-wing family members at Thanksgiving dinner.”

    Thankfully, studies have shown that very few Americans actually wind up fighting with their relatives over politics in between bites of turkey and pumpkin pie.

    Better luck next time, bitter shrews. Now pass those free market, non-organic potatoes.


    • On This Thanksgiving, Thanks to a President Who Has Given Us Peace and Prosperity

      At this Thanksgiving Season someone needs to step forward and say thanks to President Donald J. Trump. He has given this country a period of peace and prosperity the likes of which we haven’t seen since the 1950s. And there is nothing for which to be more thankful than peace and prosperity.

      Consider, in the closing months of his first term in office, so far, up until now, Donald Trump is arguably the first president in 40 years to avoid getting us into a new hot war. Media pundits don’t associate Donald Trump with peace but there you have it….

      But by the end of the year Donald Trump’s dreams of a prosperous America had become this nation’s new reality. His economy had effortlessly defied gravity. By the second quarter of 2018 the gross domestic product had topped 4.1 percent. Wages were up. Unemployment was down. CNN had promised “A Trump win would sink stocks.” Instead, the New York Stock Exchange broke record highs more than a hundred times.

      Donald J. Trump is the sixth American president I have interviewed, and he may be the most impactful. Other presidents, such as Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and Ronald Reagan desperately sought energy independence. Donald Trump found it.

      Other presidents saw young, nonviolent drug offenders as threats to society and changed laws to put them behind bars. Donald Trump set them free and gave them a second chance….

      Other presidents stumbled over federal Court nominations. Donald Trump put two on the Supreme Court and would appoint four times as many federal appeals judges as Barack Obama.

      Many presidential candidates, including George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama, promised to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Their promises vaporized when they won office. Donald Trump got it done….

      On this Thanksgiving let me be one of many to say, “Thanks Mr. President.”



        • What’s the latest on Big O wiretapping Old Yeller’s office shar pie? I would seek that information elsewhere but you seem the most knowledgeable about it.

          Also bro, as our CCO InfoWars Gladiator JoeBiden always states, “Don’t expect to see this in lamestream media”, what’s up with this, – President Trump admitted to misusing his charity’s funds last week and agreed to pay $2 million in damages. Settling a lawsuit with New York state, the president acknowledged using Trump Foundation funds on his businesses and to buy an autographed Tim Tebow football helmet and a $10,000 dollar portrait of himself that was hung at his Doral, Fla., golf resort. The foundation raised $2.8 million at a supposed veterans fundraiser in 2016, which Old Yeller illegally diverted to his campaign. Old Yeller agreed to disperse the foundation’s remaining $1.8 million to 8 charities and follow restrictions in future charitable work, such as committing to audits. Old Yeller himself has donated little to his foundation in recent years and donated “nothing” from 2009 to 2015.

          Not into rubbing it in your nose like you did me for 8 years bro because under your nose is your Jim Turkey disposal, BUT, have you noticed this lately?



          NO DOUBT!….

  7. Pocahontas update, back by popular demand:

    Warren declares ‘gender-nonconforming’ Americans the ‘backbone of our democracy’

    Much of the 2020 Democrat presidential race has been a contest to see who can most thoroughly demonstrate fidelity to identity politics, with Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s latest effort being to declare that “trans,” “nonconforming,” and “non-binary” women of color are the “backbone” of American democracy.

    Last week, the left-wing group Black Womxn For (which bills itself as “focused on creating intentional meeting spaces for Black Trans Women, Cis women and gender-nonconforming community leaders and activists to talk with each other about the Democratic primary and our impact on 2020 elections”) endorsed Warren for her party’s nomination….

    On November 7, Warren thanked the group for endorsing her, declaring in the process that “black trans and cis women, gender-nonconforming, and nonbinary people are the backbone of our democracy”:

    Thank you, @BlackWomxnFor! Black trans and cis women, gender-nonconforming, and nonbinary people are the backbone of our democracy and I don’t take this endorsement lightly. I’m committed to fighting alongside you for the big, structural change our country needs. https://t.co/KqWsVoRYMb
    — Elizabeth Warren (@ewarren) November 7, 2019….

    Identity-politics pandering is nothing new for the pro-abortion Warren, who has long been derided for her history of falsely claiming Native American ancestry. Since at least July she has taken part in the transgender ritual of displaying her “preferred pronouns” of “she/her” on her Twitter profile, and said in September she was “honored” to fight alongside RuPaul’s DragCon for the LGBT agenda.

    At October’s Democrat LGBT town hall, Warren jokingly mocked belief that marriage is specifically about uniting one man and one woman, endorsed taxpayer-funded sex change surgery for prison inmates, and told a confused little girl introduced as a “9-year-old transgender American” that she considers teaching children about homosexuality and “gender identity” to be normal parts of public education.


  8. Satire, but not too far from the truth for liberal Millenials of the AOC and Bernie ilk:

    Millennials In Panic As Outraged Boomers Threaten To Withhold Participation Trophies

    U.S.—The nation’s millennials are in a panic as baby boomers, feeling insulted by such things as the “OK Boomer” meme, have now threatened to withhold participation trophies.

    “How am I supposed to know I’m special if I don’t have a trophy?!” exclaimed Brendan Stephens as he stress-ate avocado toast. Stephens currently lives at home with his boomer parents as he’s busy “discovering himself.” “I can’t be left on my own like this. I need constant support to achieve anything,” Stephens continued. “I mean, I’m thirty-seven; I’m not old.”

    “They’re just mad that we’ve correctly pointed out that they’ve destroyed everything,” said millennial Kaylee Forman, a social media consultant. “Especially the environment, which I’m very, very concerned about. Just look.” Forman scrunched her face so that she looked very concerned. “But they can’t stop giving us symbols of how special we are, because if I don’t get that reassurance every day, I’ll start to wonder if I’m not special! What if I’m not special?! What if I’m not?!”

    aby boomers would not budge, though. “They are not giving us the respect we deserve, and we’re tired of it!” said Ronald Foster, a retired bank executive. “They won’t listen to the important things we’ve found out in an email forward, they call our Minions memes ‘lame,’ and now they got this dismissive ‘OK Boomer’ thing going. I haven’t felt this disrespected since I got back from Vietnam! If they want a participation trophy, then they’d better spend the $10.50 and buy it themselves!” He then added that he was still upset that the country didn’t get a participation trophy for the Vietnam War.

    When reached for comment, Generation X, who is stuck between the two arguing generations, simply shrugged and said, “Whatever.”



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