“Right Jab And Middle Jab And Left Jab” December 3, 2019

“Right Jab And Middle Jab And Left Jab” was created because we have a couple of commenters that post on a daily basis either in our “IS IT TRUE” or “Readers Forum” columns concerning National or International issues.
The majority of our “IS IT TRUE” columns are about local or state issues, so we have decided to give our more opinionated readers exclusive access to our newly created “LEFT JAB and Middle Jab and RIGHT JAB”  column. They now have this post to exclusively discuss national or world issues that they feel passionate about.
We shall be posting the “LEFT JAB” AND “MIDDLE JAB” AND “RIGHT JAB” several times a week.  Oh, “LEFT JAB” is a liberal view, “MIDDLE JAB” is the libertarian view and the “RIGHT JAB is representative of the more conservative views. Also, any reader who would like to react to the written comments in this column is free to do so.


  1. Liberals, busy protecting illegal alien pedophiles from that mean ICE:

    ICE Arrests Child Rapist with Multiple Offenses Released TWICE by Local Police, Despite ICE Detainer

    …ICE announced this week:

    Hector Moran-Espinoza was arrested April 2, by the Philadelphia Police Department for involuntary deviate sexual intercourse by forcible compulsion, unlawful contact with a minor-sexual offenses, statuary sexual assault, endangering the welfare of children-parent or guardian commits offense, corruption of minors, indecent assault-without the consent of other person, reckless endangerment of another person, rape by forceable compulsion, sexual abuse of children-photographing, videotaping, depicting on a computer or filming sexual acts, and aggravated indecent assault without consent.

    May 9, Moran was again arrested by the Philadelphia Police Department for unlawful contact with a minor-sexual offenses, corruption of minors, indecent assault of a person under 13 years of age, reckless endangerment of another person, and endangering the welfare of a child-parent or guardian commits offense.

    In both cases, ICE’s Philadelphia Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) lodged an immigration detainer on Moran the same day of the arrest, and each time Philadelphia Police Department did not honor this detainer and released this predator onto the streets.

    By releasing a criminal with multiple offenses, the Philadelphia Police Department is putting their city at risk by letting this individual roam free to potentially harm the most vulnerable, our children.

    “We are seeing politicians put their political agendas above the safety of the citizens they serve,” said ICE Philadelphia Field Office Director Simona Flores-Lund. “The victims in this case are young children, whose lives are now forever changed. This monster was released not once, but twice, without notifying ICE. We are committed to strengthening our relationship with local law enforcement, as we want nothing more than to keep our communities safe.”


    • More liberal lunacy:
      ICE Slams New York County for Releasing Illegal Alien Charged with Manslaughter

      Three years into President Donald Trump’s time in office, liberal communities are still thumbing their noses at federal immigration law – and endangering their own citizens in the process.

      Immigration and Customs Enforcement is blasting a New York City suburb after an illegal alien charged with manslaughter was released from custody despite two detainer requests by the federal agency.

      The fact that the illegal alien had reportedly been ordered deported twice before allegedly taking part in killing another man in a parking lot assault apparently meant nothing.

      “When law enforcement agencies decide to not honor ICE detainers and release violent criminals back onto the streets, they are putting their city at serious risk,” ICE New York Field Office Director Thomas Decker said in a news release published Monday….

      According to the ICE news release, the illegal alien was identified as 32-year-old Feliciano Perez-Bautista, a Mexican national. He is now being held in federal custody after being arrested by ICE, the release stated.

      The news release stated that Perez-Bautista had been “removed” by ICE twice already in May 2013 and September 2014. It wasn’t clear whether he’d actually been deported, or how he might have returned, but he was in the country on July 8 when he and another man were arrested on a charge of first-degree assault in Yonkers, New York.

      According to The Journal News, which covers Westchester County, New York, the assault charge was upgraded to manslaughter after the victim died.
      Do you think liberals are endangering their own citizens to make a political point?
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      So, a man who’d already been ordered out of the country twice was somehow still present to allegedly take part in the beating death of another man….


  2. i heard from a friend ………who heard from a friend…………who herd it from a friend who heard from another………that my ol bud reg Tator is in iowa with sloppy joe on his no malarkey tour yep folks meaningless talk nonsense is the name of the ol joe tour……………..it is now obvious the anti American hussein had to find a vp that could not find a doorknob on a door or 150 billion in cash to the mullahs in iran……………..THANK GOD FOR MAGA 2020 and beyond greatest President in 200 yrs………without a doubt……….https://www.citizenfreepress.com/breaking/schiff-hits-the-fan-new-viral-video/

  3. Typical from the Hollywood elites:

    Rob Reiner likens Trump allies to ‘white supremacists’ making a ‘pact with Putin’

    Never-Trumper Rob Reiner caught backlash on social media after he took aim at the president’s Republican allies, likening them to white supremacists in a renewed call for impeachment.

    The actor and director, 72, often uses his Twitter to deride President Trump, his administration and his supporters. On Friday, the notoriously politically outspoken star took to Twitter to once again call for Trump’s impeachment and removal from office. He upset many of his critics and followers when he also shared his thoughts on Trump’s allies, accusing them of being in league with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    “Every elected Republican knows that this President is guilty of countless Impeachable offenses,” Reiner wrote. “But they, along with many White Evangelicals & White Supremacists have made a pact with Putin. But unlike a pact with the Devil, this one can be unsigned.”…

  4. Liberal nonsense never ending:

    New Front in War on Christmas: Gender-Neutral Santas

    …However, the concept of Santa is based off of a real man: Saint Nicholas.

    Saint Nicholas was a bishop born during the third century who was known for his love for children and his generosity toward the needy. Sadly, he was persecuted and imprisoned for his faith in Jesus.

    Over the centuries, European Christians celebrated St. Nicholas Day on Dec. 6 — a time when they would recount the stories of his compassion and kindness.

    He was a real person. He was a real man.

    To decide to reclassify the gender of a real, deceased person is to deny both history and reality….


  5. A Muslim terrorist, who could have expected a re-offense?

    London Bridge Killer Was a Convicted Terrorist Out on EARLY RELEASE

    The terrorist suspect responsible for the stabbing deaths of two people on London Bridge on Friday was released early from prison in 2018 after being arrested in 2012 on terror-related charges.

    It has been revealed that 28-year-old Usman Khan was out on “automatic early release,” despite only having served half of his prison sentence for his involvement in a plot to bomb the London Stock Exchange and plans to build a terrorist camp for UK radicals in Kashmir….

    London Mayor Sadiq Khan said there are “big questions that need to be answered” regarding Khan and what led up to the attack.

    Two people were killed on Friday and three others injured. The first victim’s identity has been revealed as University of Cambridge graduate Jack Merritt. The woman killed in the attack has not yet been named.

    Video showed several bystanders rush to action to subdue the terror suspect and take away his weapon before police arrived to the scene and shot Khan dead….


  6. Lurch update, back by popular demand:

    John Kerry Fighting To Keep Migrants Off Beachfront Property

    The inherited home in France is located on the beach, but the law requires public access, which disgusts the upscale residents, including John Kerry.

    Former U.S. Secretary of State and far-leftist John Kerry is fighting to keep migrants and hikers off of his exclusive beachfront property in France. Although the law requires public access, he and the other elitists living there don’t want the smelly, dangerous migrants touching their land.

    “The laws of France say that a portion of all beaches must be public access, but the wealthy Saint-Briac residents don’t think that law applies to them” said Western Journal.

    The property in question is Kerry’s home in Saint-Briac-sur-Mer, described as a “playground for the elite.”…

    The supreme hypocrisy here is that liberals like John Kerry wants to allow migrant invaders into the country, which hurts ordinary citizens, but he’s more than willing to fight having them near him and wants walls to keep them away.

    The claim also mentions that opening the beach to the public poses a “terrorist risk.”….


  7. Hunter, the former Ukraine energy executive, blew off his paternity hearing:

    EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden blows off court hearing over child support as his lawyer abruptly quits while glam baby mama Lunden Roberts leaves court after judge demanded three years of tax returns from ex-VP’s troubled son

    Hunter Biden’s baby mama Lunden Roberts was seen for the first time since filing her paternity suit against Hunter Biden in an Arkansas court on Monday
    Biden’s lawyer, who was representing him in his case against Roberts, abruptly quit during the hearing DailyMail.com can exclusively reveal
    Biden was not in the second-floor courtroom in Batesville, Ark. when his attorney Dustin McDaniel quit
    But Roberts, 28, was sitting in the front row wearing black heels, a black zip-up jacket and white stripe pants
    Biden is said to have met Roberts when she was a stripper working in a ‘gentlemen’s club’ in Washington D.C
    Judge Don McSpadden said he would need at least three years of Biden’s tax returns before he could reach a decision on support for the child…..

    Hunter Biden’s baby mama Lunden Roberts, 28, looked glamorous as she left court in Batesville, Arkansas on Monday morning. She wore a black zip-up coat over a white top and a pair of white pinstripe pants. Her long blonde hair cascaded halfway down her back….

    In addition to the Protective Order, Biden is also requesting an upcoming December 2 hearing be delayed until a decision on the order is made, adding that he has been so far been unable to complete an affidavit of his financials.

    In a signed sworn statement, Biden claims he has been unable to complete the mandatory requirement because he currently lacks the information to do so.

    ‘In an effort to demonstrate to this court my good faith, I attest that I am unemployed and have had no monthly income since May 2019,’ Biden’s statement reads.

    The former Ukraine energy executive goes on to admit he has incurred ‘significant debts’, partially caused by his April 2017 divorce to Kathleen Biden, which are currently being calculated by his accountants and will be disclosed to the courts as soon as possible.


  8. Behold the real danger of the liberal agenda of “climate change”:

    Danish Academic: U.N. Might Use Military to Enforce Climate Agenda

    The United Nations may resort to military action against states that defy its mandates on global climate action, according to Ole Wæver, a prominent international relations professor at the University of Copenhagen.

    In an interview with ABC News in Australia, Professor Wæver cautions that what he sees as “climate inaction” might draw the U.N. into considering other means to ensure its goals are met, even if that leads to global armed conflict.

    Professor Wæver says more resistance to change could potentially threaten democracy although the U.N. would counter that the end justified the means in much the same way countries like Greece had their debt crisis solutions forced on them by European Union bureaucrats in Brussels and Strasbourg.

    “The United Nations Security Council could, in principle, tomorrow decide that climate change is a threat to international peace and security,” he says.

    “And then it’s within their competencies to decide ‘and you are doing this, you are doing this, you are doing this, this is how we deal with it’.”

    He believes classifying climate change as a security issue could leave the door open to more extreme policy responses. See the full interview below….


  9. Silly Mayor Pete update:

    Fact Check: Pete Buttigieg Says Illegal Aliens ‘Subsidizing Everybody Else’

    Illegal migrants are subsidizing Americans, Pete Buttigieg told a December 1 meeting hosted by progressives in North Carolina.

    “The uncomfortable reality is that undocumented folks are, in many ways, like Social Security, subsidizing everybody else,” Buttigieg told Rev. William Barber, a progressive activist in North Carolina. Buttigieg was at the North Carolina event to raise his abysmal poll ratings among black Americans….

    But Buttigieg’s dismissal of Americans’ value becomes more glaring as experts expose the growing costs of migration — both illegal and legal.

    For example, many illegal aliens get legal status, so allowing them to draw from the Social Security fund. The naturalized immigrants typically get status via the federal government’s open-ended, slow-motion, and quiet Adjustment of Status amnesty. Their numbers will grow over the coming decades, so taking a chunk out of Social Security.

    Also, federal payments to illegal aliens are rising, mainly because the federal government provides welfare for the poor children of illegal migrants.

    Those payments include schools, health care, and some welfare programs — such as school lunches, food stamps, and housing subsidies — that would otherwise be saved or given to Americans….

    This welfare subsidy to investors is huge: Each legal or illegal immigrant costs state and local taxpayers roughly $1,600 more per year than the immigrant generates in taxes, says a non-partisan 2016 report by the National Academies of Sciences. In total, the current annual net cost of first-generation immigrants — including the cost of educating their children — adds up to $57.4 billion per year, much of which is paid by state and local taxpayers.

    The per-immigrant cost — and the subsidy to business — is roughly equal to the tax surplus paid by one native-born American, which ranges from $1,300 to $1,700, says the report, titled “The Economic and Fiscal Consequences of Immigration.”

    The taxpayers’ support for illegal migrants goes far beyond cash.

    For example, illegal aliens who pay into Social Security often use numbers stole from Americans. …


  10. looks like ruskie agent tulsi got rid of ride a willy kamala……………while sloppy Joe is supposedly in the lead because he let’s children play with his leg hair in the pool…………….the fake Indian said she will be the last president elected by the electoral college because she fake Indian will get rid of the electoral college herself…………meanwhile the south bend meat smoker mayor has completely fuked up south bend…………GOOD GOD THANK YOU FOR MAGA……………..


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