Notre Dame Fire Impacting People in the Tri-State


Notre Dame Fire Impacting People in the Tri-State

People all over the world are mourning the loss of this priceless cathedral. Some people in the tri-state who have visited Notre Dame can’t even revisit the memory of watching the fire burn.

“It still hurts. It’s almost hard to think about and talk about,” says University of Evansville student, Hannah Myers, who visited Notre Dame while studying abroad.

The flames shooting out of Notre Dame were eventually extinguished but took hundreds of years worth of history along with it.

“For the last 800 plus years it’s been a key focal point of life,” says University of Evansville history professor, James MacLeod.

Notre Dames’ 12th-century roof was damaged the most. Unfortunately, the roof was built using giant wooden beams and can’t be rebuilt since France no longer has trees this massive.

“And so it loses that amazement and that wonder of ‘oh my gosh this is a medieval roof that’s still here,’” says Myers.

The breathtaking stain glass windows and paintings on the walls may have sustained smoke damage. It is devastating to think about the damage considering these walls have seen so much.

“Paris and France has very much been the center of Western European life for the last 1,000 years,” says MacLeod.

Notre Dame has seen hundreds of years worth of coronations, wars, and revolutions.

The iconic cathedral is also the culmination of hundreds of years worth of hard work. In fact, most of the architects and artists who worked on Notre Dame did not even live to see the final product.

“I think it’s also symbolic of humanity’s faith that the job they are doing is significant,” says MacLeod.



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