JUST IN: Summary Of Pigeon Creek Dive Operation 


Summary Of Pigeon Creek Dive Operation 

By Sergeant Jason Cullum Of The EPD

The FBI continued their search of Pigeon Creek near Diamond Ave today. This is day 2 of the operation and it is being conducted at the request of the Evansville Police Department. 

The divers are searching for items of evidentiary value that may be connected to an ongoing criminal investigation. Police are not releasing the specific case connected to the search.

Earlier today, divers recovered a portion of a firearm. As an item that could hold evidentiary value, it was collected and will be processed by the Indiana State Police Crime Lab. At this time, there is no known connection between the recovered item and any specific case.   

The dive operation continued after the item was found. The operation will continue until the pre-designated area has been searched. 


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