IS IT TRUE JUNE 22, 2018


We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?

IS IT TRUE that a “Blue Ribbon” committee appointed by the Mayor to study and recommend what to do with the aging indoor Northside Lloyd Swimming pool complex has completed its task?  …to no one surprise that this committee originally recommends that the new state-of-the-art multi-million dollars “Aquatic Center” be built at Roberts Park just off the Lloyd expressway?

IS IT TRUE we are told that the Mayor didn’t like the choice that his “Blue Ribbon” committee selected concerning the new location of the proposed multi-million dollars “Aquatic Center?”  …after some political arm-twisting, the Mayors “Blue Ribbon” Aquatic study committee members changed their opinions on where the new “Aquatic Center” should be built? …after all, said and done the committee supported the Mayor’s recommendations to build the new “Lloyd Aquatic Center” at Garvin Park just right across from historic Bosse Field on the current site of Garvin Park swimming pool and tennis courts?  …that by locating the new “Aquatic Center” at the Garvin Park location the city can use “TIF” money to build it?

IS IT TRUE after an additional review of our notes concerning the confidential business agreement between Deaconess Hospital and Henderson Community Methodist Hospital, we have attached a few more questions and comments for our readers to absorb?

IS IT TRUE the questions are: 1) Have there been any recent employee changes in the OBGYN department at Henderson Community Methodist?  2) Has there been an increase in the number of critically ill and complex care patients at Henderson Methodist patients cases being transferred to Evansville Deaconess?  3) Has the Henderson Community Methodist inpatient Pediatrics unit been closed?  4) Has the Radiating Oncology Center at Henderson Community Methodist Hospital been closed?  5) What the status of the much-touted Deaconess clinic plan to be constructed at the river view entrance at Henderson Methodist Hospital?  6) Has the FTC and the State of Kentucky given Deaconess and Henderson Community Methodist Hospitals the approval to merge both operations?

IS IT TRUE that there is concern among certain people that the proposed merger/buyout/partnership between Deaconess and Henderson Community Methodist Hospitals could run afoul of the rules and regulations set by the FTC and the State of Kentucky if they aren’t careful?  … we have been told that whoever owns the “medical certificate of need” for the Henderson area will effectively control health care services in that area?

IS IT TRUE we been told if the State of Kentucky and or the FTC disallows the proposed merger/buyout/partnership between Deaconess and Henderson Community Methodist Hospitals to be approved they better have at least $1 million dollars in a legal fund to challenge both entities in a court of law?

IS IT TRUE that the City of Evansville and Vanderburgh County said goodbye to Bob Warren who was recruited to come to town and run the Evansville Convention and Visitors Bureau after an embarrassing incident where the former board of directors threw a alcohol-fueled Christmas party to reward themselves for a job the deemed to be worthy?…to the extent that there have been no real scandals other than a roast pig that wasn’t really much of a scandal at all the CCO thanks and congratulates Mr. Warren for riding to the rescue and being the adult in the room for his 7 years at the helm?

IS IT TRUE that we were all concerned over a train wreck/explosion in Gibson County near the Toyota plant over the weekend?…there have been several reasons to be concerned over the years in greater Evansville that have been rooted in train mishaps?…once a train car full of phosgene spilled near the Howell Yards in route to the plastics plant in Mount Vernon?…that phosgene is not harmful unless it becomes moist?…the substance was cleaned up and carted away in full before any water came into contact with it and that is a good thing because if it had rained the probability of many people dying was fairly high?…this brings us to the question of why the exploding rail cars in Gibson County was allowed to burn itself out?…we do not know at this point why that decision was made but do expect some information to come forth over time?

IS IT TRUE that the overly wet spring is costing the people of Evansville a most excellent retail shopping experience?…the Costco that is under construction is being delayed from opening due to the amount of rain that we have experienced this year?…we predict a war for customers between the new Costco and the longtime Sam’s Club?…in most markets in the United States where both of these big box retailers compete, Costco usually wins but we are interested to watch the competition heat up?

Todays “Readers Poll” question is: Would you like for Deaconess and Henderson Community Methodist Hospitals to be more forthcoming with the details of the merging of services between both hospitals?

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  1. Great idea to move the aquatic center to the Garvin area. As far as Roberts Park is concerned, the place has issues with water from what I remember so once again I ask – wouldn’t a big lake make perfect sense there? A lake doesn’t need to be mowed, paddle boats are a possibility, trees can be planted (especially on the expressway side), native grasses and flowers as well, pathways around the lake and throughout the area would allow for a low maintenance “green space”. A small stage for outdoor (free) concerts by local talent could also be constructed if the budget allowed for such and it could be built with materials that could stand up to the weather. Just my thoughts…

  2. Sam’s Club
    What we need now is a Trader Joe’s.

    Competition does wonders for the consumer. The local Walmart supercenters have been forced to sell milk at $0.88/gal -,$0.98/gal because that’s what Aldi sells it for. Meanwhile in Hanson, KY, the Walmart suoercenter gets $3.97/gal for their milk.

    I was in Fresh Thyme the other day. There was a “price checker” from Schnuck’s (out in the open, no attempt at concealment) recording the prices on fruits and vegetables. I asked, she said Schnuck’s knows they need to be competetive.

  3. My only question regarding an Aquatic Center at Garvin Park would be regarding parking. Will there be adequate parking? Is this,a ploy to provide parking for the North Main bikeway and the Greenway bike and walking path? And for Bosse Field/the Otters? Bosse Field is owned by the EVSC and will be one if the primary users of the proposed Aquatic Center, shouldn’t the EVSC (and the local Roman Catholic diocese) contribute heavily to the construction costs of tbis facility?
    Well, actually 2 questions. If the proposed Aquatic Center is constructed at Garvin Park how does the City anticipate keeping the Jimtown rats from vandalizing and destroying it? And turning it into a meth den? Mounting Browning M2’s on the roof? Parking “The Beast” there 24/7? Mayor and her husband Lloyd Winnecke moving their condo to that location?

    • Hey, I was raised in the Jimtown area, many years ago. It was a nice quiet area controlled by old white men who worked at Seeger, Arkla, Bendix, Swifts, Zenith, Servel, Igleharts, Hoosiers Cardinal, International Steel, they walked to work almost every morning. They stood out on the sidewalks at night, smoked, drink beer and kept kids in line. We had a jail that would house about 30 people and a city population of about 150,000. Liberals say that for things to get better these old white men have to die off and they did. Look what we have now a jail with 700 inmates and we need a bigger one.

  4. Yes, let’s put a high priced pool in the cesspool of N Main St. I wonder if it is built there, will the same construction geniouses that built the to narrow Main St bike path, have their fingers in the pie? How often has that pool and fountain been vandalized over the years. Put the pool in a neighborhood that’ll appreciate it. Enough money wasted on that strip of the ghetto!!!!


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