“IS IT TRUE” JULY 12, 2018


We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?

IS IT TRUE according to our most recent “Readers Poll” the large of majority of our readers would like a response from Mayor Winnecke concerning who’s responsible to pay all the operational costs involved in the ownership of the Evansville Thunderbolts? …our “Readers Poll” is considered to be trendy, not scientific?

IS IT TRUE when the Evansville IceMen leased the Ford Center they paid all the costs associated with playing hockey at the Ford Center?  …not only did the Evansville IceMen pay all their bills at the Ford Center but also generated big profits for the arena during the time they played hockey at this arena?

IS IT TRUE we are hearing that several citizens are talking about starting a local government watchdog group? …we are told that the mission of this organization will be to encourage locally elected officials to practice fiscal responsibility and good public policy?  ..we are told when this group is fully organized they will file Freedom of Information Requests, attend local political meetings, send out informational newsletters via social media, endorse candidates vying for elected for local offices and when deemed necessary will stage public protests?  …if this group decides to organize it should be a fun group to watch?

IS IT TRUE we encourage you to drive down Lincoln Avenue starting from Highway 41 and go east towards Boeke Road during the late evening time?  … last week a staff member of the CCO drove down Lincoln Avenue and headed east and observed that around 20 overhead security street lights were not working?  …please don’t tell us that the City Controller used the money in the 2018 City Budget earmarked for the street lights to fund the penguin and anteater exhibits at the Zoo?

IS IT TRUE that Jon Webb created another piece of prose on the resignation of Scott Pruitt who served briefly as head of the EPA?…the assumption was that his resignation was going to be bad for Evansville since the person who is replacing him is pro-coal and may just let Evansville, the Ohio River, and the air in the Tri-State get by without compliance on EPA regulations?…while we understand the spirit of the article we also realize first that the EPA hasn’t exactly been breathing down local government’s neck during the last 10 years since the consent decree to reduce the raw sewage dumps into the Ohio River were agreed to?…the EPA Directors under President Obama have not enforced fines against Evansville and neither has the departed Mr. Pruitt?…it almost seems as though one of the strategic initiatives to keep spending money on fun and games is to kick the can called the dilapidated sewer system down the road as far as possible?…it is working too?…since being saddled with the consent decree to repair the sewers so that raw sewage is not spilled into the Ohio River, the City of Evansville has borrowed money to build the Ford Center, highly incented a downtown hotel, subsidized the medical school, contributed to some overpriced ball fields, and with the exception of the ball fields all of these $200 million plus fun and games monuments are connected to the very sewer that needs to be replaced?

IS IT TRUE that the reality is that Scott Pruitt was just one more government employee that did not hold the City of Evansville’s feet to the fire to comply with the consent decree and it is highly likely that his replacement won’t either?…we live in one of the most polluted places in the country on the banks of the well documented most polluted river in the country?…between the Ohio River, the contaminated air, the not so well publicized soil contamination problem due to plating factories and an old cannon ball factory, Evansville has some serious pollution problems to deal with and the EPA has been lax about enforcing things since it was formed by President Nixon?…if the people of Evansville make strong demands these issues may have a chance to be mitigated?…without local voter support for cleaning the air, water, and soil, the politicians will keep spending borrowed money on fun and games?…based on reality Mr. Pruitt’s departure will just usher in a new boss that is the same as the old boss and the boss before him and the boss before him ad nauseum? 

IS IT TRUE yesterday one of our posters made the following comment we found very entertaining concerning the ongoing Forensic audit of ECHO Housing?  …our poster said: “Has Robert Mueller finished the Echo Housing investigation yet? Everything thing has been quiet hoping everyone forgets about it. Am I sure the Russians are involved”?

IS IT TRUE we wonder why we haven’t heard any complaints about the noise level at KC’S Marina Point Bar and Grill?  …could the reason be that the adjoining property owners can’t hear the live music anymore is because the work done on the building to reduce the nose level worked?

IS IT TRUE we apologize to County Commissioner Ben Shoulders for not telling him that yesterday he could have gotten a free “slushy” from the local 7-11 store?  …its legend that Mr. Shoulder is the “Taco” eating and “Slushy” drinking king of this region?

Todays“Readers Poll” question Is  Do you feel that Mayor Winnecke is a better public relations person or is stronger at making business decisions?

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  1. Drive the Lloyd Expressway east from Red Bank Road to Burkhardt and see how many non-functional streetlights there on that roadway. Over 70. When reported to the city, the respinse is “That’s a state (INDOT) problem. When reported to INDOT they don’t respond with a upfront answer, just “We’re looking into it.”
    In the meantime, Vecten gets psid a monthly fee forceach street light (city and state riadways) whether they’re working on not. A dcthere is no direct way to report street light outages to Vectren (they’re,resoinsible for installation and maintaining city roadway street lights). They don’t want to be bothered with lamp replacement or periodic fixture cleaning (many of the non-functioning street lighting fixtures sre full of dirt and debris). And they don’t want to consider upgrading existing street lighting fixtures to an LED dource to replace the current Metal Halide and HPS sources.

  2. Nothing, no not one thing, is ever maintained in the city. Look at the condition of roads, pipes, sewers, lights, you get the picture. The above IIT shows why there is no money for maintaining the city. Fraud Center, taxpayer funded hotel, medical school, ball fields, which have been empty, medical insurance for employees and the list is endless which are just some of the reasons that nothing is maintained and falls into disrepair.

    • Better yet, drive around St. James Blvd area between Washington and Lincoln and see the absolutely terrible road repairs made after the Vectren contractors have installed gas lines.

  3. If neighbors of Marina Pt arent having issues with marina Pt, missoon accomplished. The owner has become a good neighbor as hoped.

  4. Maybe Trump was victimized by old Stormy? #metooMAGA?
    “Stormy Daniels, the adult film actress who has made headlines for an alleged affair with Donald Trump, was arrested while performing Wednesday night at a Columbus, Ohio, strip club after allegedly having physical contact with patrons.

    Court documents reportedly claim that Daniels, during her performance, forced faces of club customers into her breasts and used her exposed breast to smack their faces. She also allegedly fondled the breast of female customers.

  5. “The left-wing terrorist organization that calls itself Antifa is “freaking out” over a proposed law that would enhance penalties for anyone who “injures, oppresses, threatens, or intimidates any person” while wearing a disguise or mask…..The Unmasking Antifa Act of 2018 can mean additional fines and prison terms of up to 15 years. The Hill reports the “bill was introduced by Republican Rep. Dan Donovan (N.Y.) and is co-sponsored by GOP Reps. Pete King (R-NY), Paul Gosar (R-AZ) and Ted Budd (R-NC).”

    Ironically, this proposed law is similar to laws passed decades ago in states like Georgia and Alabama to stop another terrorist group formed by far-left Democrats, the Ku Klux Klan. According to the far-left New York Times, Ohio and West Virginia already have similar laws on the books.”


  6. As predicted, the leftist violence against Trump supporters has started in England, just like it has spread like a cancer in the Democrat controlled “Blue States” like new York and California.
    “Former UK Ambassador to the US Sir Christopher Meyer, 74, was beaten bloody by two attackers at Victoria Station in London on Wednesday, hours after he published an essay supporting President Donald Trump’s visit to the UK Thursday.”


    • Donald Trump is turning the United States into a Russian client State.
      The biggest threat to the United States is, in fact, an internal threat:
      Donald J. Trump, an active client of Russia.

  7. It amazes us that you allow the daily BS from BlowBiden and his fanatical rantings that have NOTHING to do with the topics at hand. Your advertisers are leaving in droves because of his right-wing crap, and it is clear to everyone that you are incapable of ethics due to allowing him to poison the comments. How sick

  8. Yep. You spoke the truth on holding government accountable for not enforcing good environmental policy. From top to bottom government is responsible. Sad for all of us.
    Appreciate the responses on road etc maintenance.


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