We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we as responsible citizens of this community need to address in a rational and responsible way?

IS IT TRUE that for more than 16 years this column has served the City of Evansville and Vanderburgh County as the place to go to learn things that are going on in local government that other media is reluctant to cover?…much good has come from things posted in “IS IT TRUE” and the comment section has for the most part made the City-County Observer the go-to place for open constructive dialog?

IS IT TRUE in recent history two posters going by the names of Joe Biden and Ronald Reagan have hijacked the comment section to push their own private narratives about national politics?…this has diminished the dialog about the topics published in the CCO?…for that reason we decided to launch the “Left Jab And Right Jab” forum where these two and others can argue to their hearts desire about any national subject they like?…we have respectfully asked them to keep their big arguments on the other site?…they are both valued as readers and are welcome to opine on “IS IT TRUE” on the topics addressed in “IS IT TRUE”?

IS IT TRUE that over the years this column has served the financial health of the taxpayers of Evansville well and we are proud to have done so?…as a reminder one of the earliest breaking stories that the CCO profiled was when former Mayor Weinzapfel and associates met secretly to eliminate the Homestead Tax Credit?…the CCO was alerted to this by one of our most trusted MOLES and we exposed this SENEGAL meeting and the amount of money that the taxpayers of Vanderburgh County were about to be fleeced out of?… the CCO’s exposure this sneaky dirty trick saved the taxpayers of Evansville a bunch of money?

IS IT TRUE that from drug addict needles in public playgrounds to potholes and from decrepit sewers to antiquated water pipes, the CCO has been the watchdog for the people against ignorant and malignant local government actions?
IS IT TRUE the $50 million gilded smart water meter project  was opposed and exposed by the CCO and our willingness to do this saved everyone money?…the CCO outed the Executive Inn debacle and the McCurdy nonsense?…the CCO predicted that the naming rights for the Centre would not survive to vet and would be greatly reduced?…finally and this may have been our finest hour, we exposed the Earthcare Energy project as a scam and saved an oblivious city council from handing $4 million to a project team that didn’t even have a patent they claimed to have?…through all of this we taught Evansville the meaning of the term VETTING?…we hope this is a lesson that is never forgotten?
IS IT TRUE we were told that earlier this year the Democrat “Victory Fund PAC” raised just over $72,000 at their inaugural event “Evening with the Commissioners” earlier this year?….last week the “Victory Fund PAC” followed up with another political fundraising event  called “4 Under 40”  is projected to rise around $20,000 when the final accounting is complete?
Is It True last week the Republican supported “Evansville Future PAC” raised just over $80,000 at their inaugural event “Drive for Five” which featured Governor Holcomb, both Indiana United States Senators, Lt Governor Crouch and the Mayor?
Is It True it’s refreshing to see healthy competition between both local political parties?  …we find it interesting to see the same individuals and businesses supporting both political parties?
IS IT TRUE Mayor Lloyd Winnecke has scheduled his annual golf outing on September 27, 2019?…we are told that this golf political fundraiser will be one of his biggest yet?  …we are told after this event his political war chest will be well over $800,000?
IS IT TRUE that Vanderburgh County Commissioner Jeff Hatfield and Ben Shoulders are hosting a joint golf outing on Sep 20, 2019?…we are told that fundraising event will be sold out?…we are told by reliable sources that this golf outing could raise between
$90,000 to $100,000?
IS IT TRUE that Vanderburgh County Commissioner Cheryl Musgrave is having her annual fundraiser luncheon on Sep 26, 2019, at Wolfe’s BBQ? …we are told that this is her largest political fundraising events and will be well supported?  …we are also told that she is expected to raise around $25,000?
IS IT TRUE we predict that the next 12 weeks should be very interesting because the balance of power for the Evansville City Council and will be determined by four (4) races?… the First, Second and Third political Wards along with one (1) of three (3) City Council At-Large seats will determine which political party will gains majority control?
IS IT TRUE predict that City Council Ward One (1) and Ward Two (2) are the races to watch?  …we expect that these two races are going to be knockdown and drag out political barnburners?
Todays “Readers Poll’ question is: Do you feel when Tropicana-Evansville get SportsBook betting it will financially hurt Ellis Park?
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  1. Ellis Park won’t have to worry about the sports betting parlor (or sportsbook) at the local Tropicana casino or any sportsbook located in an Indiana casino. The Indiana casino sportbooks will not be allowed to take bets on horse racing. That’s to protect the two Indiana racinos located in the central part of the state.
    The local Tropicana casino will instead need to be worried about the impact an improved and expanded Ellis Park will have on their bottom line.
    The new Indian casino owners of Ellis Park are installing more video gaming terminals (a.k.a., parimutual historic racing video games), a new hotel (with probably a swimming pool unlike the Tropicana “resorts”), new restaurants, track lighting to allow evening and night time horse racing, new stables, most likely a parking garage, and highly probable a push in the Kentucky legislature to allow real gaming action (real slot machines and table games).
    If this comes to fruition, along with current Tropical/Eldorado management and marketing groups actively shooting themselves in the foot, the local Tropicana/Eldorado casino will be left high and dry.
    The local casino has been losing customers to French Lick, the Horseshoe near Louisville, and Metropolis like crazy. Employees are quitting and they can’t find replacements (would you want to work for $10/hr?), restaurant hours have been cut back or closed, needed maintenance has been curtailed (trees growing in roof gutters and building soffits collapsing), comps have been cut back, slot machines have been tightened, security forces have been reduced (no patrolling of the building perimeters ir the parking garage).
    And with Eldorado merging/acquiring Harrah’s/Caesar’s by the end of the year it’s highly probable the local Evansville casino will be on the market soon, if it’s not already on the market.
    Nope, Ellis Park doesn’t need to worry about the Tropicana, the Tropicana needs to worry about Ellis Park.


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