IS IT TRUE that Evansville may get visits from more than one presidential hopeful soon, as Indiana finally matters in the primary elections?

IS IT TRUE that it appears Ben Shoulders will be unopposed in his run for County Commissioner? …he his excellent business credentials and conscientious community involvement that makes him a clear choice for bi-partisan support?

IS IT TRUE Ann Ennis has done an excellent job of discussing important issues and taking well-researched stands in the District 76 race? …that her opponent has been very quiet on the issues that are of interest in the race? … we will be not be  surprised if she wins the GOP primary nomination for State Representative 76 race?

IS IT TRUE that the premier race on the Vanderburgh County Republicans side is the one for County Commissioner between Cheryl Musgrave and Alex Schmitt? …results of that race may prove to have strong political repercussions on Mayor Winnecke future political career?

IS IT TRUE that the race on the Democratic side for House District 77 is proving to be  very interesting? … the candidates just keeps meeting voters and having community events? …this race is way to close to call?

IS IT TRUE that all three of the young people in the Democratic District 77 race, Brandon Lee Ferguson. Ryan Hatfield, and Lori Sherman, are bright lights on the horizon for the future of local Democratic party?

IS IT TRUE the primary race for the GOP County Clerk is to close to call? … local GOP party Chairman endorsement of a candidate in this race may prove to be a big political liability for the person he supports?

IS IT TRUE  couple members of our community went to Louisville. Ky to attend a plush event at the Louisville Executive Aviation hanger? …the event was called “OUT OF THE BLUE JET SHOW”? …the owner of the Evansville IceMen and Ellis Park Ron Geary and his son Mark Geary owner Louisville Executive Aviation hosted one heck of a party? …this event celebrated an exceptional collection of multi million dollars private aircraft, automobiles and other luxuries? …the cocktails and Hors d’ Oeuvres were extremely impressive?…we wish that Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke would have attended this event because he would had been amazed to see the movers and shakes of Louisville, Ky. treat Ron Geary like a “Rock Star”?  …over 900 people attended this event?

IS IT TRUE that a couple members of our community stayed at the new downtown 8th street Holiday Inn Express and Suites in Louisville? … the manager of this new Louisville hotel is Ashley Dunn? …Ashley and her extremely professional  and well trained staff provided the out of town guests with first class treatment? …if you plan to visit Louisville, Ky in the near future please consider staying at the downtown Holiday Inn Express and Suites managed by none other than Ashley Dunn of Evansville? …please call 502-583-2552 for reservations?

FOOTNOTE:  Todays “READERS POLL” ask the question:  How would you rank State Representative Wendy McNamara job performance over the last several years?


  1. Shoulders was a Schriber supporter and the family turned Republican to support Winnecke and raise money for him. He’s on the Demo ticket. I guess that translates into bi-partisan support. Or maybe just opportunistic political strategy. Ennis drove the consolidated government campaign. Let the chips fall where they may.

    • That is true about that consolidation drive. We also must not forget all others in that same “group” during these election cycles. Also in the long run, what cost both local governments many dollars for that final groups expense, and all the way back to when “Fischer” went around to all those departments wasting all those governments employee’s time digging for pennies while the top brass of city government were wasting dollars on pet projects for the connected!

  2. Welcome to the White House Presidential race Indiana:
    “With the prospect of either Ted Cruz or Trump as the GOP’s nominee, all the donors I’ve talked to have said they want to sit out the White House Presidential race and just focus on the Senate and House,” Republican National Committee Member and former Chairman Al Hoffman said. “The real Republican voters are disgusted with these two and are gonna stay home. The Westboro Baptist Church Christians and their followers are all gonna support Ted Cruz. It’s a disaster.”

    • Like many a beta or gamma male, Epsilon Becker longs to throw himself at the feet of Comrade Hillary to be trodden into the dust, and we at Organizing for Idiocy will allow him to do so, although Comrade Sanders is preferable as the national Maximum Leader. Once again, however, Epsilon Becker has embarrassed himself. The founder of the Westboro Baptist Church, Fred Phelps, was a hard-core, life-long, liberal Democrat who received a coveted invitation to the inauguration…of William Jefferson Clinton, who is married, kinda-sorta, to Hillary.

      J. Coddington “Comrade Hugo” Fetlock IV
      Maximum co-coordinator
      Organizing for Idiocy
      Evansville Cell

  3. Congratulations to Rev. Adrian Brooks and Memorial Baptist Church for being honored with a Legacy Award from the Better Business Bureau to recognize 20 or more years of board service.

  4. IS IT TRUE tsthat the race on the Democratic side for House District 77 is proving to be very interesting? … the candidates just keeps meeting voters and having community events?

    There is a difference in the kind of events that the candidates are holding. In the case of Hatfield and Ferguson the events tend to be fund-raisers, but Lori Ferguson is already giving back to the community. She’s hosting “meet the candidate” events in less affluent areas, where she hears about issues than people who are not part of the donor-class think are important.

    • Elkaybee, I’ve had only one fundraiser. 100% of the proceeds will be giving to the event this Wednesday to help feed the homeless veterans in our city. All my meet and greets have been at small businesses. I support small businesses and I was very thankful to have that opportunity to have events at their shops. Also, I was able to help be a part of getting a bus for semi state so 50 Bosse kids could watch the their school mates win the game. I’ve said from the beginning if I’m going to do this, its for the right reasons. That is to make a difference.

  5. Every day I get more and more depressed that I have to live around people that are stupid enough to vote for Donald Trump.

    • English Bob , like it or not the American people have grown weary of the last several Presidents we’ve had in office
      Trump will get rnc blessings and he will demolish H. Clinton in the fall
      At least I hope so

      • …..and you might be right ETP. I don’t think so, but…..although Cruz will get totally smashed…..Trump is a total wildcard. Can’t be underestimated. Good choice? No, I don’t think so, but effective at this…totally.

  6. It would be a lot easier to find biographical information on a lot of these candidates, and current office holders, if Old National Bank would just add a section to their website: “Our Political Component”.

  7. EMILY’s List
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Purpose: To elect pro-choice Democratic women to political office

    Headquarters: Washington, D.C.

    Membership: 3 million

    President: Stephanie Schriock

    Budget: $44,878,362 (2014)

    Revenue: $44,206,357(2014)


    EMILY’s List is an American political action committee (PAC) that aims to help elect pro-choice Democratic female candidates to office. It was founded by Ellen Malcolm in 1985. According to the Washington Examiner, EMILY’s List is “the nation’s most influential pro-choice political action committee.”

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Hillary Clinton (Top Contributors)

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Emily’s List Form-990 (2014)

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Mother Teresa speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C., February 5, 1994:

    “…… Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, but to use any violence to get what they want.”

    • It is a damn good thing religious celebrities and leaders don’t make US Policy.
      And it is damn good thing the US Constitution and the US Supreme Court are the basis of the laws of the United States, and not some radical’s copy of his bible, store-bought with his debit card at strip mall bookstores.
      I am Catholic, and I know there is a separation of Church and State that deserves protection from the conversation that goes on in my Church. And some ignorant idea that some radical believes it is his protected religious right to invade my home, my family and my life…that guy can go screw himself. Cause THAT dog don’t hunt.
      And iff you believe the US Constitution gives a citizen the right to protect his home, his property and his own well being, that a man’s home is his castle and a right of that citizen to privacy….then you damn sure are happy the US cannot invade the intimate, private right of a citizen woman to make her own choices.

      • No Catholic can responsibly take a ‘pro-choice’ stand when the ‘choice’ involves the taking of innocent human life.

        National Council of Catholic Bishops

        * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

        Guess they bought their Bibles with a debit card at a strip mall bookstore.

        • …..whew! Thank God the Council of Bishops are not running the government nor deciding US policy. And I am hearing your comment float out from the inside air of the cracked Church windows.
          Maybe, just maybe, you have authority inside there. But not out here. Thanks for making my point.

          • I believe the Church’s “authority” comes from a much Higher place. That is why this country is so great, it was founded on certain “unalienable” Rights, with which we were endowed by our creator. Among those rights are the “Right to Life”, and for the purposes under discussion here, I need go no farther.

    • EMILY’s (Evil Monstrous Ideologues Liquidating Youth) List is most definitely on OFI’s approved list!

      J. Coddington “Comrade Hugo” Fetlock IV
      Maximum co-coordinator
      Organizing for Idiocy
      Evansville Cell

  8. I finally got a chance to read yesterday’s C&P Letters to the Editor. I was shocked, dismayed, and downright sickened by a letter written by failed candidate for elective and/or appointive office, Alex Burton. His cock-eyed observation that those who “mirror the majority” was so far off base that it would be funny if it wasn’t so insulting to women and people of color.
    FYI Alex Burton and follower Courtney Johnson: If that were true, lower-income women would hold all of the local offices, because we are the majority in Evansville. Close to 56% of local households are headed by women, and Evansville households are far below median income. That isn’t to say the city wouldn’t be a darn sight better off if the majority WAS in charge, though.
    Word: If you ever want to run for anything other than the city limits, you need to apologize, back-pedal, and go into hiding for awhile.

    • Again, my fatigue has struck. That should read that “elections are won by those who mirror the majority.”

      • I saw that too, and don’t agree with what Burton said, either. Maybe he’s trying to excuse his loss in the last election. He needs to chalk that up to being set up by his new best friends, Hargis, Mercer, Mosby, and Weaver. They were going to all reach consensus on everything, and they are doing that, but without him. They wanted to get Weaver, Mercer, and Adams in and they did it because Burton failed to stand for anything.

    • You are so right, Comrade Elkaybee. If the majority were in charge, we could more swiftly attain the coveted 80% poverty rate. If we could ensure that some of the leaders of that majority were people with a proven history of taking money from the city, using it for personal expenses, and not paying it back, we could achieve Detroit-on-the -Ohio status very quickly.

      J. Coddington “Comrade Hugo” Fetlock IV
      Maximum co-coordinator
      Organizing for Idiocy
      Evansville Cell

  9. I wonder if the rumors that Mitch Daniels has asked Cheryl Musgrave to stop using his image in association with her campaign, that he has never actually endorsed her, will be brought up by the CP this weekend. I doubt that her buddy Tom Langhorne wants to embarrass her after 4 months of grandstanding.

      • …it smacks of “pathetic-ness” when an opposing campaign is seen begging a media outlet for negative coverage of another candidate. “We can’t win because we have better ideas, please help us win by being a dick.”

      • Proof?? Hahaha, that’s rich! Is it true this entire segment is based on unsubstantiated rumors? I’m sure the CP will do their usual stellar research, only time will tell…


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