Demonstrators Show Up Outside GOP Convention In Evansville


Demonstrators Show Up Outside GOP Convention In Evansville

Republicans were not alone at the Ford Center in downtown Evansville.

The group Indivisible Evansville organized a protest outside the arena. Protestors were demanding what they call, “Common sense gun laws.” They say the protest was in response to the school shooting earlier this year in Florida.


  1. They want to ban all firearms, that’s what they call commonsense gun control. Wish they’d be honest for a change. Liberal democrats, the radical left wing group wants all guns and knives banned. Moderate democrats need to wise up and take your party back.

  2. I am a gun owner raised on a farm hunting and owning guns since the age of 10. I have yet to talk to anyone protesting guns that wants to ban all guns. I see no need for high capacity magazines and would like those withdrawn from the market. Afterall back in my day when duck hunting you had to have a plug in your shotgun so that it held only 3 rounds. I hunted rabbits with a single barrel shotgun and was never allowed to carry more than 5 runds since the limit was 5 rabbits. I also remember when the NRA prompted gun safety and was not just the advertising extension of the gun industry. I smile when attending gun shows with persons wondering the aisles saying, “Clinton and then Obama are coming to get my guns or going to ban gun sales”. Well gun sales reached record highs and no one had their guns taken away. Then I have worked with people buying assult style rifles. I ask, “Why”. They reply, “We need them to protect ourselves.” From Whom, “I ask”? They say, “From people attacking my family and the government.” “But aren’t you supports of the government?” “Yes, but you never know when they will come for my guns”, they reply. “So, you support the police and government but not if they decide to do something you don’t agree with?” “Oh, have you ever been in the military?” Some reply yes, most no. “So you have never seen an M-2 50 caliber weapon in use”? In the military we call them “Maw duece”. “No”. Well if the government wanted your weapons and showed up at your house with maw duece and you seriously think you will stop them with an AR-15, you got some serious dying to do.”

    • I live in real gun country. My neighbors to the North of me named their kids after guns and neighbors to my South bought their 10 and 12 year old daughters AR-15’s for Christmas. I hunt with a guy who went to Oxford who has 3 or 4 AR’s and voted for Trump because of them. He stands to inherit a 900 acre farm but the AR’s trumped the .50 cent per bushel hit on beans Trump’s policies are going to cost his old pappy.

      These people along with the multitude of other gun owners I know are some of the finest people on Earth as far as I’m concerned. But they all seem to have one thing in common, they believe that at any time their home could be broken into by a ship full of Vikings. So it’s Lock&Load.

      I had all of the guns I could possibly want or need for hunting and protection until I bought thousands of dollars worth from a horribly wounded Iraqi veteran who needed the money because I have an affection for veterans. Especially wounded ones.

      But I still don’t own an AR-15 because I have no use for one. They are awesome looking as my Oxford buddy points out and easy shooting as I’m sure my 10 and 12 year old neighbors have found out but like you, the high capacity magazines should have high capacity regulations tied to them if sold at all IMO.

      A hero was made at a waffle house in Nashville the other day. If it weren’t for the shooter having to reload, the hero would have just been another statistic.

      Statistics vs magazine size. Seems like a very simple choice. But nope….

    • By the way Paul, if I walk out of my door during daylight hours and don’t hear a gun shot, I go back in and check the obituaries.

      If I hear one at night, and see a spotlight, I call 911.

      And if I hear one at night and it’s around a holiday, I put on my hardhat and go about my business.

      In flyover country, it is what it is….


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