City County Observer, Advertising  Rates for 2014

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About the Observer:The City County Observer (CCO) is a privately owned online newspaper that publishes seven days per week located in Vanderburgh County, Indiana that has a focus on promoting good public policy through political accountability. The CCO has pending legal protection on the three different unique pieces of journalistic intellectual property.

The CCO began operation in 2007 and has accelerated readership to the point where it is now ranked by in the top 55,000 websites in America and the top 300,000 in the world. The CCO is the local leader by a wide margin with respect unique pageviews per visitor and time online per visit with respect to internet traffic.

Data gathered by the independent internet traffic analysis sites Google and Alexa indicates that the City County Observer has a 3 month trailing average of 110,000 pageviews per month with each visitor spending 98 minutes online and viewing 29 pages.

Google Analytics reports that the City County Observer has been viewed by over 65,000 absolute unique visitors in the past year with the latest month exceeding 10,000. 80% of the viewers reside in the greater Evansville region and 20% of all visitors are using mobile devices. The monthly growth rate for the past year for internet traffic is 354% based on actual monthly traffic measurements. Statshow estimates annual traffic for the CCO at 1,282,245 pageviews.

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Comparison to Local & Selected Media Traffic

Media Website Global Pageviews Factor (A) Pageviews per Visit (B) Time Online per Viewer (C) Total Exposure Factor (A x C) 112 35 119 13,328 148 3 6.3 932 2 1.8 2.8 5.6 7 1.6 1.2 8.4 7 2.3 2.1 14.7 229 2.5 3.9 893 538 3.0 4.8 2,582

• Monthly Traffic Estimates from 3rd party site
• Pageviews per Visit from 3rd party site
• Time Online per Viewer from 3rd party site
• Total Exposure Time derived by multiplying Monthly Traffic Estimate x Time Online Per Viewer
• All measurements were taken on November 14, 2011
• All Alexa data used is for the last month

Data Supported Facts:
• has more Total Exposure Time than the combined websites of the Courier & Press, WFIE, Local 7, News 25, the Louisville Courier Journal, and the Indianapolis Star Combined.

Reader Demographics for City County Observer:
• Over 45 years of age
• Graduate Education
• Household Income over $100,000
• Female
• Surf Internet from home