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Pet Adoptions

Pet Adoptions

Sponsored by Specialty Pet Grooming- Best Prices and Highest Quality Care in the area! Contact Jamie Hubiak at 812-306-4983 or jhubiak@specialtypetgrooming.com

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3-yr-old female brown tabby! Gets along w/ other cats. $30 fee incl. spay, microchip, vaccines, & more www.vhslifesaver.org or (812) 426-2563.

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1-yr-old female hound/Border Collie! Energetic & playful. Needs some help w/ manners. $100 fee incl. spay, microchip, vaccines, & more! www.vhslifesaver.org or (812) 426-2563.

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2-yr-old female tortoiseshell! Good w/ other cats. Surrendered w/ kittens who have all been adopted. $30 fee incl. spay, microchip, vaccines, & more. www.vhslifesaver.org...

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1-yr-old male pitbull mix. Very small, 36 lbs., “pocket pit!” Crate-trained & housetrained. Loves to sit in rocking chairs! $100 fee incl. neuter, microchip,...

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Meet Princess, a 15-year-old female Moluccan cockatoo! 15 may seem old, but Princess is actually very young. Birds like her have a lifespan of...

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Leigh is a longhaired female cat! She gets along great with other cats, and is just as pretty in person. She’s been waiting on...

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 Pink is a 5-month-old female calico kitten! She’s playful & sweet, and loves to snuggle. Her sister Cher is up for adoption too, and...

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 This gentle giant is Max, a 5-year-old male black Lab/Great Dane mix! He’s a VERY calm & sweet boy, and is great with other...

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How can you resist these eyes? Angel is an 8-year-old female. She’s an older solid black cat, which is not good in a shelter!...

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Meet Roni, a 2-year-old female! She gets along w/ other cats. Her $30 fee includes her spay, microchip, vaccines, & more. Visit www.vhslifesaver.org or call (812)...