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UPDATE: IS IT TRUE? February 9, 2012 PART 2 “The Meltdown of the...

The CCO recently received the following statement from Mayor Winnecke's Chief of Staff, Steve Schaefer: Regarding the below post this morning, I wanted to let...


WHAT ON YOUR MIND TODAY? Our next "IS IT TRUE" will be posted on this coming Wednesday? Please take time and read our newest feature article...

Holly’s House announces 2015 Board of Directors.

Holly’s House, a local child and adult victim advocacy center, has announced their 2015 Board of Directors. Elected Officers are: President, Kathy Boyd, Boyd...

It’s More Important to be Real than Nice: By: Alan Leibundguth

Evansville has a whole list of commissions, committees and councils. There are many decisions being made that have what seems to be very little interface with other committees. In public debate, my opponent machine-guns off a whole litany of boards and committees she has served on. Was all this effort for finding and working for real change? If she had any influence in the past five years as Ward Leader, why is the area seeing more blight, more crime, more meth labs, sewer issues, rubble clean up and sink holes issues?

Editorial: A City that Refuses to Honor it’s Dead is not Worthy of Respect

The attitude regarding the maintenance of tombstones in City owned cemeteries is the last draw? This policy is not practical, it spits in the face of our heritage, and it is not acceptable. Each and every person buried in these cemeteries represents a part of all of us. Each and every person buried in these cemeteries represents a commitment on the part of the City of Evansville to provide honorable maintenance in return for the payment that was made by or on behalf of our dead. To be cavalier in doing basic day to day tasks like locking the gates at night so vandals can’t wreak havoc and then make a public statement that the tombstones that need resetting are the responsibility of the relatives is not only arrogant it is impractical? Many of the dead do not have relatives yet their desecrated or poorly maintained headstones make the City of Evansville’s cemeteries look like a scene from a zombie movie.

Is There An “Option C” for Roberts Stadium?

Is There An “Option C” for Roberts Stadium? By: Richard Poorer Since the construction of the new Ford Center in downtown Evansville, citizens and politicians...

Walmart Is Quietly Closing Stores

Walmart Is Quietly Closing Stores — Here's The Full List Business Insider Hayley Peterson Walmart is closing or has already closed at least 15 stores in...


Food inspection reports 9-13-18

A Unique Shopping Experience In Historic Downtown Evansville Opens April 1

A Unique Shopping Experience In Historic Downtown Evansville Opens April 1 EVANSVILLE, Ind. (March 28, 2016) – Julie Kruse, Owner,  announced the April 1 opening...