IS IT TRUE we are getting the impression that the leadership (McGinn-Mosby and Weaver) of the Evansville City Council are thinking that the only way they can get us out of the major debt crisis facing the City is to borrow and tax their way out? …its time for the most qualified person on budget and financial matters serving on  City Council to speak up and put her life experiences and educational degrees to work? …when Anne Hargis-CPA ran for City Council all she talked about was her having a CPA degree? … she also stated she will be a major asset to the City Council if she is elected to that body because CPA certification?? …it’s time for her to come forward to show us whats she’s made of?

IS IT TRUE we find it extremely interesting during the last City Council budget hearing the Mayor requested that Council give Mesker Park Zoo $660,000 to start the design and engineer work for an outdoor penguin exhibit? ..Zoo Director Amos Morris predicts that the penguin exhibit would cost about $5 million to build? …its interesting Amos made no prediction how much this exhibit would cost per year to maintain?

IS IT TRUE the former Zoo Director and present Council Finance Chairman Dan McGinn is stating that this will be considered a “World-Class” exhibit when complete and that it would increase the Zoo overall revenue? …this sounds like a similar statement he made when he was pushing for his “Wild Jungle Plants” exhibit when he was Director of the Zoo? …we wonder how much McGinns “Wild Jungle Plants” exhibit cost the taxpayers to maintain each year? …we wonder how much revenue this exhibit has bought in since it was built? …does anyone know how much did past Zoo Director McGinns “Wild Jungle Plants” exhibit costs the taxpayers because of “unexpected costs overrun” while constructing this project?

IS IT TRUE we were told when past City Council Financial Chairman John Friend CPA tried to explain some information in the budget to Councilman Dan McGinn he got little results? …we hope that Mr. McGinnis budget comprehension skills has improved since then? …if not, maybe Anne Hargis CPA could be of help?

IS IT TRUE its time for the Evansville City Council to consider amending the “per meeting stipend policy” in order to be fair and equable to all individuals serving on part-time Boards and Commissions? …we are told some members serving on Evansville Boards and Commissions are being paid a stipend between $300 to $7,000 annually? …some individuals are receiving a per meeting stipend of $25 to $50  per meeting for serving on part-time Boards and Commissions? … many people that are serving on part-time Boards and Commissions appointed by Council are receiving nothing?

IS IT TRUE the past City Council reduced the funds from not-for-profits organizations the local main stream media made “one hell of a to do about it“? …when the current City Council did similar this month we wonder why the local main stream media didn’t take one Council member to task? …we wonder if they ever heard of “Whats Good For Goose Is Good For The Gander”?

IS IT TRUE taking away City Employees Health Care plan from all part-time elected and appointed members serving on Boards and Commissions would save the City many hundred of thousands of dollars in the 2017 city budget?

IS IT TRUE the following elected Vanderburgh County officials are running unopposed and are worthily of your complimentary vote? … we urge you to vote for: State Rep. Wendy McNamara, County Treasurer Susan Kirk, State Senator Valetta Becker, County Surveyor Jeffrey Mueller for re-election?

IS IT TRUE we are pleased to hear that a State Grant was given to the City to repave and re-repair roads and sidewalks located on Riverside Drive? …we hope that all the water and sewer lines, electrical and gas transmission delivery lines repairs issues have been addressed before work begins?

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    • Noitall

      Yes, there are many people serving on part time boards and commission that are receiving city paid health insurance. I recommend you connect City Council President Missy Mosby to get a list of board members that receive City paid health insurance.

      Thanks for reading CCO.


  1. Penguins make good mascots for a hockey team. What the heck is a world class penguin exhibit? Antarctica would be one.

      • And that angers more than anything else (for the most part)

        I realize that Mesker Amphitheater would probably not be 100% self-sufficient in terms of funding. However, the approximately $5 million to do the basic renovations to make it available to the public would give Evansville a facility that generates ticket revenue to assist in the offset of support funding.

        I stand firm that while the North Main Street project is nice, explain how it will actually generate revenue for Evansville? The tax revenue that comes in if an additional business comes to North Main will primarily go to the State.

        At least Mesker Amphitheater would provide a destination for all types of folks in the region. Be realistic, how many families with children are going to make North Main Street a destination for biking and walking when they have to pass by a run-down strip club and an x-rated bookstore?

        • Classy. well said and agreed. Mesker Amphitheater is a local treasure that should be restored. However since it competes with the downtown Ford Center for about 7-8 months of the year, the City has shown no real interest in restoration. Death by neglect.

    • She probably wonders why. Stands in front of cameras time after time and states that she handed over all of the emails ..and now the contents of those emails are damning. Of course, then she testifies under oath to Congress and now we find out she perjured herself. And, now the editorial boards of the NY Times and Boston Herald are even criticizing. Sometimes our pasts becomes our future.

    • Not so much. She is two points further ahead in the You Gov poll today than she was last week. Take a look for yourself. Btw, you’ve worn the “sinking faster than …” thing out. It was kind of witty a few days back, but now it is half-witty.
      There would be a big problem with the number of unfavorables for Hillary if Trump’s weren’t even higher.

      • Dear EKB .. in the history of US Presidential elections poll number change like the weather ..Dakakus led Bush 41 by 17 point in August of 1988 ..Reagan was in a virtual dead heat in August of 1980 and won by 10 points. Gore was behind in August of 2000 by nearly 16 pts and lost by .5% . . Of course Trump would not be my first choice by any means ..I always had issues with his arrogance when I go into the voting booth, I will be staring down at arrogance vs. a possible felon ..what a choice!!

        • No, you’ll be choosing between a possible felon and an arrogant possible felon. Neither of them has been found guilty of anything, but don’t forget about Trump Network, Trump University, and mob ties. Then there is the breaking story about the allegations being made about the way the Trump Agency broke immigration laws for its foreign models.
          I’m well aware of how public opinion can change “on a dime” and was only pointing out how silly Biden’s post is.

          • My God ..What about Vince Foster, John Ashe, Robert Bates, Admiral Jeremy Boorda, Brandy Baugh whose partner supposedly committed suicide one month after his death, Seth Rich, and Suzanne Coleman for starters? Btw, a first in American Presidential elections, a candidate under investigation by the FBI ..has Trump been under investigation ..sure he is a tough son-of-a- bitch in the business world ..most billionaires are ..he is know exception. I lived though the Dick Nixon years ..really not interested in a repeat.

          • @Danceswithwolves: What about all of the muckraking and crazy rightwing accusation? Nothing was ever proved and there was a lot of motivation for someone to find proof of wrongdoing. Go ahead and root for the Orange Buffoon, and vote your conscience. I’m going to.
            Btw, I’ve always considered Hillary to be pretty tough, too.

          • No, most of us will be choosing between a probably felon and someone who is a poor politician. Your choice was stolen from you by the probable felon who you now want to be president. We will see about the allegations, but they are about as meaningful as making an allegation that you are a tomato. You’re not.

          • I was wondering why the Trump University didn’t pay Bill Clinton $17 Million like that other for profit bullshit university that got some favors from Hillary did.

  2. What’s next? Winnecke once had on his agenda, “The African Exhibit” Price tag = $20 million. McGinn’s flower pot cost nearly 1 million per year to maintain. McGinn’s blunder cost the taxpayers’ nearly 300k in regards to the Flower Pot. The Zoo costs the taxpayers nearly 4 million per year. When asked about the trade off, nobody knows.

    • Just going through the archives and read this almost 1 year later. Zoo in spotlight again! Thank you Grateful Dead for info re: cost of maintenance of “flower pot” exhibit. Zoomlost accreditation again? Wow! Maintenance issues? Let’s build more stuff we can’t maintain! Yeah, that’s the ticket! SMH!

    • Just going through the archives and read this almost 1 year later. Zoo in spotlight again! Thank you Grateful Dead for info re: cost of maintenance of “flower pot” exhibit. Zoo lost accreditation again? Wow! Maintenance issues? Let’s build more stuff we can’t maintain! Yeah, that’s the ticket! SMH!

    • The hits keep on comin ..

      Billionaire Clinton Foundation donor denied entry to U.S. under suspicions of terrorism
      According to a report from the LA Times, Gilbert Chagoury, a Lebanese-American billionaire businessman who’s been friendly with the Clintons since the 1990s, was denied a visa to enter the United States on suspicions of terrorism.

    • Where in the hell is FBI Director James Comey on this stuff? What does he mean that no one would prosecute this clear violation of the law?

      What an administration we have here folks, Justice and FBI colluding to ignore criminal behavior. Can you possibly imagine what they would be doing to Donald Trump if it were he who was involved in all these scandals! We all know the answer to that one.

      This Country has gone to hell under the Obama administration.

      • Comey is a Republican. FYI.

        #2……the Federal Bureau of Investigations cleared Clinton of any prosecutable wrongdoing. You are evidently not paying attention Press.

        • That doesn’t mean shit. Both these parties have been slicing up the hog. Comey has expenses too. Much like the most recent revelation ..old Bernie, the socialist, just acquired his third home ..this one however is on one of those glorious Vermont lake ..paid 600k

          • Right. The FBI applies the law, and you yell payoff.
            The guy is a Republican.
            Conspiracy is alive and well, it is the only thing Trump sells, cause he never talks about what he would ACTUALLY do. Just questions everyone, everything…and you, like a trained dog, eat that crap up.

            Ruffus….if everyone around you is a liar, if everyone is on the take, if everyone is above the law…then you get to say nothing is true anymore.
            Vote with your feet Ruffus. Move to another country. It’s better there…..believe me.
            (this conspiracy crap is the fad of the day…..)

          • (Or you can be like Pressanykey, who truth be told doesn’t like Trump, thinks Trump is a fool, doesn’t trust him, knows Trump is in no way “born-again” and agrees that Trump is a danger to the country……..but wants Trump so he can watch everything set on fire to burn……so no one is happy.)

    • I’d always found Alan Grayson amusing until the allegations of spousal abuse surfaced, but he is in no way a scion of what you would term the “radical left.”

  3. I was reading the C&P story today about the north main/Jacobsville project. I noticed in the story the Jacobsville neighborhood was according to the ECHO housing grant slated for “market rate housing”. I have complained before that the fixation with “affordable housing” was part of the problem with the south side part of town. Could these words be code for something else. One area has poor blacks one area has poor whites.

    • I am not sure what ECHO will do down there, but the smartest way of handling such a housing program is for them to make the mortgages and put controls in the language about the upkeep and use and insurance of the property. If they are going to use public funds, then these protections need to be part of the program.

    • I know one thing for sure. Evansville has a very limited number of millienials who are in the market for “market rate” housing, especially in Jacobsville. West Franklin and Haynie’s Corner have already met most of that market. because this is an aging, lower-than-average income city. When the market is glutted with that kind of housing, the rents will eventually be lowered to a more “affordable” rate.

  4. Trump is going to Mexico today? Good luck with that Donald. I hope they keep him on their side of the wall. 🙂

    • ….is there a crime here? Has the Law looked at this and reached that conclusion you offer?
      Or is this like stuff from the Drudge Report or Breitbart?
      Cause people don’t believe you. They dismiss that when you say it…..because you don’t have an answer.

      • Yes….there is a crime. She said, under oath, that she handed over all the emails. Now the FBI is in possession of 15,000 that she did not turn over. So she perjured herself. But what is new? She seems incapable of telling the truth. She has told so many lies that she can not remember what the truth is anymore.

        • The latest poll shows that 2 to 1, people believe that she was involved in “pay to play” when she was Secretary of State.

          • You’re not the Law.
            You are Pressanykey. No one cares if you think there is a crime.

            The question I asked was “Has the Law looked at this and reached that conclusion you offer?”


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