Gordon “Bish” Thompson By Pat Sides


Gordon “Bish” Thompson

 Bish Thompson arrived in the city in 1943 to work for the Evansville Press.  A native of Tennessee, Thompson spent his first years at the newspaper as a general assignments reporter and movie reviewer before he was asked to write a daily column, “Bish Says,” which first appeared in 1952.

The feature was an immediate hit with many readers, and the column continued until he retired in 1978. Thompson claimed his job was made easier by the newspaper’s “gentle readers,” who often contributed ideas.

His talent also earned him the prestigious Scripps-Howard Ernie Pyle Memorial Award in 1956 for a series of articles on World War II. Active in numerous civic causes and organizations, Thompson passed away in late 1980.


  1. One of my favorites from the old days, along with Joe Aaron. They both had style.


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