IS IT TRUE December 23, 2013

Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics

Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics

IS IT TRUE December 23, 2013

IS IT TRUE that we and other media sources reported last week on the abysmal grades earned by the schools of the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation from the State of Indiana?…as a reminder EVSC had 9 schools that got an F, 4 that got a D, 9 that got a C, 8 that got a B, and only 5 (all elementary) that got an A?…if a college registrar calculated the Grade Point Average (GPA) for the EVSC that score would work out to 1.88 or below academic probation levels?…all other local school systems scored about a 3.0 and one scored a 4.0?…we have to ask some questions about the dramatic difference between the EVSC students and every other local school corporation including the Catholic diocese schools and charter schools?…the “ISLAND OF IDIOTS” argument for Evansville does not hold water because the Catholic schools, private schools, and charter schools in the same geographic footprint scored acceptably?…there is even one school called the Glenwood Leadership Academy that has a string of Fs going back to the day the name of the school was changed?…EVSC saw merit in putting lipstick on a pig and that trick failed and now the state may come in with corrective action?…the “WE NEED MORE MONEY” argument falls flat on its face because the EVSC has a much larger per pupil spending rate than any of the other school corporations?…the traditional excuses do not explain this disturbing fact away?…when companies are looking for a place to establish or expand one the most important metrics they look for is the performance of the public schools?…we could speculate and opine extensively on the failures of the EVSC to keep up with the farm communities when it comes to education and in the next year we may just do so but for now let’s just suffice to say that a score of 1.88 is not acceptable, stifles the local economy, and makes the future workforce look incapable of taking on difficult tasks?…what we would like to see from the EVSC is a long term improvement plan for academic achievement?…we will publish that plan in its entirety if they will release it?

IS IT TRUE it is encouraging to hear that the State of Indiana may be spreading some cash around to demolish some of the dilapidated houses that plague the state?…it is also good to hear that Mayor Winnecke is “working like the dickens” to get some of this money to be deployed upon the abandoned squalor of Evansville?…former DMD Director Tom Barnett once said that Evansville has 10,000 uninhabitable houses and that it costs between $5,000 and $10,000 to demolish a crap house?…that means Evansville has a $50 Million to $100 Million task ahead of it to rid the land of squalor?…if Mayor Winnecke is successful in getting nearly $20 Million of these dollars that could be enough to do 40% of the job at $5,000 per dilapidated house?…we are crossing our fingers that Evansville gets these funds and uses them for the purpose intended as opposed to trying to build some fun and games nonsense in the name of blight removal?

IS IT TRUE we are ending another year that the City of Evansville has no relevant master plan in place?…all we want for Christmas is a relevant and well thought out master plan as we have now been 7 years without one?…it is astonishing that any competent group of leaders public or private would tolerate such blatant disregard for logic?

IS IT TRUE we all grew up singing the song about a partridge in a pear tree called the 12 days of Christmas?…several of the CCO readers have collaborated on a tongue in cheek localized version of that song?…you may sing along as follows:

On the 12th day of Christmas my city gave to me
12 appointees drinking
11 contractors paying
10 days of comp time
9 officials dancing
8 cronies milking
7 kids not swimming
6 Mayors lying
5 non-working things
4 rotting turds
3 chicken dances
2 buildings rotting
And a new Director of IT


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  1. Jay says:

    Great may go to number one in the national..

  2. V- is-to-R says:

    Dang putting music to that rendition of the twelve days might be somewhat tough especially with a grace note or two.

    For a real hoot, why don’t you all there in Evansville, let those twelve appointees sing it.
    Be assured that”dellas dozen”,has some favorite bars for the performances, make sure those seven school kids aren’t swimming in the ,four rotting turds, amongst the five non-working things,with the eleven contractors paying,eight cronies milking, those, two rotten buildings, the nine officials are dancing around. with the six mayors slipping,during the three chicken dances,causing ten hours of comp.time and, a new…I.T…..director.

    Geez happy new year! As well. For “everyone” in your metro.
    Like some other commenters have said “you can’t make this stuff up.” ;)

    *** * Three wise men would look into removing the blight while improving the incremental carbon footprint for your metro,while improving living and thriving environments,social well being,and logistical throughput,for improved commerce and visionary future projected growth forward*”.

    “tolerabiles ineptiae”

    bearable absurdities.

    “concordia res parvae crescent”

    work together to accomplish more”

  3. elkaybee says:

    Happy Holidays, folks! No matter what our differences are, I wish you all the best, and a lot better for our town in the coming years.

  4. “IS IT TRUE we are ending another year that the City of Evansville has no relevant master plan in place?”

    IS IT TRUE that the Vanderburgh County Commission does NOT have a Master Plan in place either?

    IS IT TRUE that there have been offers to help pay for a Master Plan for certain areas in Vanderburgh County (up to $100,000), and that President Marsha Abell has REFUSED to even consider this issue?

    • cco mole says:

      I never took the master plan idea for the county seriously because Lockard never sold me on the idea. He struck me as someone who was just pushing an idea just to have something to push to the political circles. I never felt like it was something he would support through thick and thin. Is that the opinion you came away with classy?

  5. Brad Linzy says:

    No need spending good money tearing down houses the city owns. Instead, let’s start a program to gives these houses away to anyone agreeing to either bring them up to code or tear them down and sell the empty lot.

    I’m throwing you golden bones here, folks.

    As for Abel’s refusal to spend money on a master plan…I’m actually kinda glad of that. No sense in drawing up a master plan if you have intention of sticking to it.

    • jbyrd says:

      I still think we should level the complete SE side and let it go back to a natural wetland, thus saving miles of sewers we would otherwise have to fix.

  6. JoeBiden says:

    Is it true the “4 rotting turds” symbolize the inept handling of the McCurdy Hotel, Mesker Amphitheater, Greyhound bus station and the “ghost” of the Executive Inn?

  7. JoeBiden says:

    Why did the EPD only end up with a Schwann’s lookalike truck nicknamed the “Guardian” while other Cities are getting much better inner-city tanks?

    • Brad Linzy says:

      He loved Big Brother.

    • The Ghost of Tom Joad says:

      Alex Jones is a nut job, stop reading that crap.

      • Brad Linzy says:

        “Stay away from X” is something you tell children, retards, or other people lacking the critical thinking skills necessary to keep clear of danger. Its something you might tell buffoons unable to distinguish rational arguments and journalism from demagoguery and propaganda. It’s not something you say to adults capable of thinking for themselves. Just like virtually every other media outlet on planet earth, Jones’ sites have a mix of the two.

        I disagree with him on some things. On others, I think he is spot on. If nothing else, you can count on his sites to carry perspectives you cannot get anywhere else. One thing I will say for him, at the very least he cites sources so you can follow up. That’s more than a lot of mainstream sites can say for themselves.

  8. In Indy from Eville says:

    “Catholic schools, private schools, and charter schools in the same geographic footprint scored acceptably?…”

    It’s not geography, it demography. But shhh, we can’t say that…

  9. bubbageek says:

    Thanks C-CO for the best year yet; and may ALL who strike a spark for truth, sleep warm and cozy beside the manifest flame.
    Merry Christmas! …

    • Crash LaRue says:

      Best Wishes to the CCO,
      Merry Christmas,
      and a Happy New Year to All.
      Crash LaRue/royrogers

      ps. good to “see” you and Beerguy on the CCO site Bubbageek. :)

  10. Westsider says:

    The Mayor is so concerned about dilapidated and eyesore houses that he cut the DMD budget by more than half for the demolition of these houses. The budget under Weinzapfel was 1 million per year and as soon as Winnecke was elected he reduced it to $400,000.00 but I guess if I lived in a condo on Main street I would not be as concerned about eyesore housing in my neighborhood either. What a phony.

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