IS IT TRUE October 17, 2013

Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics

Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics

IS IT TRUE October 17, 2013

IS IT TRUE that the City County Observer asked 10 of our friends to head over to the site of the old Roberts Stadium that the Office of the Mayor is wanting to turn into a Roberts Park so bad that borrowed money is burning a hole in their pocket to check something out?…the first thing we wanted our friends to check out is the loudness of the Lloyd Expressway when it comes to carrying on a conversation?…that a full 10 out of 10 reported back that in order to have a regular conversation during the afternoon that one has to get nearly into the existing Wesselman Park?…it seems as though this site may be too loud for a family to enjoy a picnic or a walk in a relaxed manner where a conversation can be had?…the other question had to do with the claims that there is a soggy nature to the soil where Roberts Stadium was?…all 10 reported sogginess in the area to varying degrees which makes us wonder if that part of the lot is suitable for anything at all even if one can stand the noise?

IS IT TRUE we wonder just what noise level is acceptable for a neighborhood park?…local developer Frank Peterlin ran into the noise police when he proposed putting some small residential windmills on his downtown property?…at the time some tests were run to determine the noise levels of Peterlin’s location and it was determined that the Lloyd Expressway made more noise than the windmills?…nevertheless Mr. Peterlin was turned down on his request to put those windmills up?…What we propose is that in the case of Roberts Park, it should have nothing proposed or placed in any area that is noisier than one of the windmills that Frank Peterlin proposed to install at his John Street building?…we suspect that will rule out putting anything on the lot period?

IS IT TRUE that Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke may be the architect of the most sensational piece of political spin and audacity in the history of Evansville politics with his latest fundraising solicitation letter?…the job creation claim by the Mayor has grown from 41 in the Hunden Study that he paid over $200,000 for, to 250 in his campaign to pay HCW a $37.5 Million subsidy, and has now grown to 1,000 (yes folks that is ONE THOUSAND JOBS) the Mayor is claiming the project will create now that he is feathering his own political nest for his so called “VICTORY”?…it takes an incredible level of audacity to make such claims that are not supported by any real analysis on planet earth and then to claim victory for the 9 – 0 vote on the City Council that would have never happened without a modification of the subsidy from $37.5 Million down to $20 Million?…the truth of the matter is that Mayor Winnecke was dragged kicking and screaming into a situation where his recommendation was soundly rejected by the City Council, the CCO, and others before being rescued by a private investment group that came to the table with an equity investment of $11.5 Million?…the VICTORY DANCE was unmerited and the donations if any come forth are not earned?

IS IT TRUE it has been nearly two years since Mayor Winnecke was elected on a platform that included the formation of an angel investment network, a venture capital presence, and a renewed utilization of the technology transfer agreement between GAGE and NAVSEA?…there has still not been any of these campaign promises fulfilled period?…if our Mayor has the ability to convince private investors to pony up $11.5 Million for a minority stake in a hotel that will have a value of $20 Million upon completion we wonder why he has not convinced any private investors to establish a visible and functioning firm with a similar capitalization to invest in the ideas of young educated professionals with ideas and ambition?…the priorities are once again misplaced in River City?



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  1. A few months ago (June or July I believe) before that ugly grass that’s out there grew up, I went out and took some pictures. I saw old pvc pipes, tons of jagged rocks left over from the parking lot, and of course, dirt that was soggy, slippery, and muddy. Just not a pretty site. I literally have a separate pair of shoes I put on every time I go out there. They are still covered in mud…

    Yes, it does make me flat out sick to my stomach- more so that anyone else’s around here. I’m left wondering just how dumb some people can be for thinking this nasty, useless lot was an act of progress over a building that meant so much to so many and STILL had so many more niches it could fill ( I came up with 50 on my blog).

    • KnowNothing says:

      Hey man, let it go.

    • bootsie says:

      I want it left empty so that Winky has to see it-the PEOPLE didn’t want that place destroyed, and it was taken from us for NO GOOD REASON. Dog Park, indeed.
      He doesn’t need political contributions, no one would ever elect him again-to dog catcher, either. He’s collecting “eat my dust, I’m outta here” money-he’ll be tarred and feathered yet. Hope he takes his buttkissers with him-

    • Bandana says:

      That’s not mud.

      Quite a few foward thinking dogs already gambol freely on the Roberts site after dark. These are not your Westminster-type dogs. It’s really something to see, one was dressed like Meadowlark Lemon the other night during one of their romps.

  2. Crash LaRue says:

    Literally, everywhere I go , I’m told that the Weinzapfel Clone/Winnecke, is a One-Term Mayor , considering his actions and record,—there isn’t any reason to doubt that they are correct.

    • pov says:

      I agree. I think that if Rick Davis had not challenged Weinzapel, our mayor would be Weinzapel. I seriously doubt the Republicans would have ran anyone against him.

      • BigPappa says:

        Rick Davis did not challenge Weinzapfel. Weinzapfel did not run for re-election. Davis challenged Troy Tornatta in the primary. If Davis had not challenged, Tornatta could very well be the Mayor right now. I don’t think we would be any better off if that had happened. The only good option was Davis and he got screwed by his own party and by the Dem voters who voted for Winnecke.

        • Jefferson-Jackson says:

          That is what people out of the loop saw. The reality is that Rick Davis did challenge Weinzapfel and Weinzapfel ran and hid like a child because he knew he would get his ass embarrassed in the primary. He sent his scarecrow Troy out to take his ass whipping for him and take that whipping he did. So if “Troy the Tool” had won the primary would the Democrat Party have imploded? We will never know.

        • Wayne says:

          BigPappa: So want someone (Tornatta) who claimed and used two property exemptions as your Mayor?

          • Eviltaxpayer says:

            Our Politicans have been more worried about what they can do to help their politico buddies . Republican has been as bad as democrat . Our forefathers setup a constitution with many bills and amendments of rights for the American people to live by, we have let our borders opened up
            And people are coming in and staying and then good ol Uncle Sam will make sure they are taken of

      • JoeBiden says:

        100% exactly correct.

    • elkaybee says:

      If anybody ever deserved to be a one-termer, Mayor W. does!

  3. John Doe says:

    No mention of the GOP hostage crisis ending?

    • moretrax says:

      Write your own “IS IT TRUE” column.

    • elkaybee says:

      I’m not usually a pessimist, but I think the hostages will be retaken, and we will have another crisis looming. The TP gained so much this time, I’m sure they’ll want to do it all again. Oh, wait.. they didn’t get “squat”, they just hurt businesses and economic growth!

      • Indianaenoch says:

        This crisis or the next ones will be manufactured. The real crisis will be when we hit the real debt ceiling. What our great leaders call the debt ceiling is in reality a debt level. This deal, like the last ones or the next ones, is simply saying that want to continue floating on top of the rising level. I liken it to filling a room with water. sooner or later we will hit that ceiling.

        So you can say TP Greedy Old Party, or I can blame Obama and the democrats all we want. The fact is that this rising debt knows no party and will drown everyone equally. Indeed, the republicans have shown that they are as inept as Obama and the democrats, and now Obama knows he can hold his breath longer than they can.

        The ACA is going to drown us quicker. I do not understand how you so clearly seen the fallacy of the hotel deal, but somehow that same math escapes you when it comes to the ACA when the only difference is the number of zeros behind the minus sign.

        • elkaybee says:

          You do understand that the deficit is dropping faster than it has in the past fifty years, don’t you? As time goes on, the shrinking deficit will also pull the debt down.
          I do believe that we need to spend wisely. We need more investment in jobs and infrastructure and less corporate welfare. Those things will increase revenue and decrease unnecessary spending.
          Austerity alone is not working in Europe, and it won’t work here.

          • Indianaenoch says:

            LKB, I do understand that. Do you understand that if it is a deficit then it means the debt level is still rising? (I know you understand that.) It will only matter when the debt level falls. That is going to take some serious changes in Health and Human services and Social security. Adding the ACA to it will cause the deficit spending to increase.

            The choice is not between austerity or run away spending. Going to the other extreme to misrepresents what people like myself are calling for.

            But let me ask you, how has deficit spending worked for Europe? Debt, not austerity, is crushing them, and debt is not “investing.”

          • elkaybee says:

            “Adding the ACA to it will cause the deficit spending to increase.”

            There is no concensus on that statement, but the OMB says that ACA will reduce the deficit.

          • Indianaenoch says:

            And what does the first “A” in the ACA stand for? Affordable, but it has proven to be far less affordable.

            Businesses are now making decisions based on how the ACA will affect their liabilities. Families will be spending twice as much for health insurance with less coverage and deductibles over 600% higher.

            I am skeptical of the OMB’s claim, an office under the control of the executive branch with a director appointed by Obama, that the ACA is going to somehow be the entitlement that will reduce the deficit when entitlements are by far the major cause of our deficit spending.

            And as I said before, reducing the deficit is not good enough.

            Love you LKB, but you seem to blinded by partisan leanings to be objective in this issue. The math does not support the promises.

    • GeorgiaHoosier says:

      This was not a hostage crisis. This was a prolonged negotiation between two groups of retarded people.

    • Indianaenoch says:

      But forcing people to buy what they can not afford or do not and enforcing it through the IRS is not taking hostages?

      • elkaybee says:

        There isn’t much comparison between a small fine and crashing the US economy. This little game cut S&P’s projection of economic growth by 1/3 and cost businesses and families $24 billion over 17 days.

        • Indianaenoch says:

          Small fine? If we keep the current rate of spending, which is largely for what is called entitlements, and add another one to it, the ACA, this so called 1/3 24 billion dollar crash will seem like a small fine.

          I do not understand how one can see the effects of this manufactured crisis and not recognize the consequences the real crisis we are rolling towards.

        • pov says:

          1/3 projection of zero growth equals what? The only growth taking place is in country’s that our businesses and innovators are moving to. The recent EBT card problem, one of Bushes ideas, is an indicator of what is wrong with this country. The 46% that free rides pull down the middleclass. That is one of the reasons the middleclass is disappearing.

        • myturn says:

          Small potatoes considering every person in this country already owes $5,860.02 in public debt while it continues to grow.

          Wonder how much of that money was spent on barrycades, signs and extra park rangers to close our national parks and monuments?

          • Indianaenoch says:

            Actually MT, you have to move your decimal point one digit to the right.

            At the current projections, by the end of Obama’s term each citizen will own $75,000 of the national debt.

  4. Indianaenoch says:

    Here’s another opportunity for Winecke to create a 1,000 more jobs.

  5. ab1 says:

    The loudness problem from the expressway on the grounds of Robert Stadium was specifically pointed out directly and publicly prior to the Roberts destruction decision being forced through by the Mayor.

  6. ab1 says:

    ab1 says:

    Mayor taking cre8it for the Hotel Project is an Incredibly brazen distortion of what happened.

    It was the Mayor who caused the problem in the first place by proposing a stupid unworkable rip-off of the taxpayers in the hotel project funding structure, among other elements.

    Luckily, credit to City Council members for holding it up, at great criticism, until greatly improved.

    To knock $20 Million out of the funding subsidy overnight is clearly glaring evidence that the original deal pushed by the Mayor was a sham and a gift for someone without regard for responsibility to the citizens or fundamental business principles.

    Now he is taking monumental credit for fixing the problem he caused.

    Everything the Mayor does is ‘image distortion/creation’ ignoring fundamental facts and substance.



  7. Bob says:

    Don’t forget he was going to do something about the meth problem as well. Have not seen anything done yet.

    • pov says:

      He said he was going to do something about the manufacturing of meth, which he has to a small degree. As far as the meth problem, forget it, it would be easier to stop sex. Every effort to date to stop the manufacturing of meth has had unintended consequences, stopped the use of anhyrdrous and now it’s the 1 pot which is more dangerous. The only effective treatment for meth addiction takes place behind the walls and even then has a sustained recovery rate of around 3%.

      • V- is-to-R says:

        Pov: A question,what if science today can solve some of the meth problems while developing systems that approach at an different technologies targeted cost points for your area?
        Sort of an included feature that is very possible for one while using the other?

        • pov says:

          If you’re talking about medically assisted treatment that decreases withdrawal and craving that’s the route to go. I think chemical dependency needs a chemical solution. I think the reason there is a slowdown in the manufacture of meth is that a better quality and supply is coming in from the south.

  8. Eviltaxpayer says:

    If gunpowder was brains our previous and current mayor wouldn’t have enough to even blow their noses

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