Davis Press Release on Cutting $5 Million from the City of Evansville Budget



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  1. AnotherOneWhoCares says:

    Vision… Yep he has it! That’s what I call trimming the fat off the hog.

  2. Isitoveryet says:

    Down to his final seconds, Davis takes the ball, dribbles twice and throws a desperation shot from his own freethrow line…..

  3. Officer Friendly says:

    Is there just no limit to the pandering and desperate actions of a campaign that is dead? We sure know he won’t be cutting salaries to his fire department masters.

    • AnotherOneWhoCares says:

      What’s your address? If you ever need the EPD or the EFD, we can have them just bypass you. I want the safety these agencies provide. I could give a rats behind about the added chiefs, Indianoplis contractors, or any other unneeded expense to the tacpayers.

    • woodstock says:

      You must have got a super dose of that koolaid!
      Did you get a 24% pay increase? Whiney jr will keep taking and playing the machine game.

  4. woodstock says:

    Be interesting to see if the C&P will follow suit and print this. Bet not since it doesn’t glorify w-jr

    • Gallagher says:

      Rick Davis said if he is elected he will cut 5 million dollars from his budget – now, let’s see….he is promising a 5% raise to firefigthers, wants to bring back park rangers and give more money to the parks – so how does he plan on doing this? Is he going to get rid of all his family that is living off the city payroll?

      • JustTryingToGetBy says:

        More lies from the machine. Davis never promised anyone a payraise. Next you will be saying the state party has pulled their support. Oh wait……
        As for family on the government payroll, I believe Winnecke”s wife has spent some time on there herself. Will you be complaining if she takes his spot on the county commission?
        Davis has a sister that has worked for the county for around 18 years. She must be doing a good job or she would not still be there. It makes zero sense to attack a guy because his sister is a good employee. The machines continued attacks on Davis, his family, and his supporters shows the desperation they have to keep their dirty laundry in the hamper.

      • Captenant says:

        Please, supply any documentation you have for your blatant lie. As I have said before, the only things Rick Davis has promised us are to treat us with dignity & respect.

  5. houseofder says:

    I’m sure he has relatives all lined up for contracts & consulting jobs!

    • woodstock says:

      There are plenty of qualified people in Evansville to do the jobs why do we need to send all that money and JOBS to Indy???

      • houseofder says:

        You really think so? I highly doubt it! We read everywhere about the brain drain in Evansville…and look at our candidates for Mayor! At least Winnecke has some decent real world experience.

        Indy was probably the closest they could find the skill sets they were looking for!

        • woodstock says:

          At least Winnecke has some decent real world experience.
          That’s laughable

          • woodstock says:

            Since his wife wears the pants how is he going to be able to make any decisions? Oh wait he will be part of the machine so he can take pointers from Whiney. RINO

  6. Officer Friendly says:

    CP won’t print it because it’s not news. The desperate actions of a tanking campaign are not news. Although the titanic anniversary isn’t far off. full steam ahead cap’n davis

  7. Bowhunter72 says:

    Sounds more like a republican than the RINO he is up against.

  8. Eville Taxpayer says:


  9. beerguy says:

    Close the Zoo ($ 3,300,000 annual savings). Discontinue the METS buses ($ 3,700,000 annual savings). Close The Centre ($ 600,000 annual savings). There will be *no charge* for this $ 7,600,000 of annual savings.

  10. beerguy says:

    My friend Rick Shaw just sent me a text, and he and his taxi guys pledge to “make up the difference” when the METS buses are discontinued. The Zoo: watch Animal Planet or hitchhike to St. Louis. The Centre: walk across the street.

  11. bubbageek says:

    “Davis vs Goliath”

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