IS IT TRUE? July 31, 2011

IS IT TRUE that a fleet of Atlas Van Lines have been spotted at the EVSC building?…that they are moving from their current administration building to their new $6+Mil no-bid contract offices about 150 yards away?…that stealthy no-bid operations are the exact opposite of transparent government?…that we hope our tax dollars are being managed wisely but we hope that the decision will be made according to form or within the spirit of the law?…that SNEGAL must have been the substitute superintendent on the day this decision was made?

IS IT TRUE that in a recent C&P article, Roberts Stadium is reported to bring in just over $3Mil per year in revenue? That after expenses, they incurred a loss of about $34k in 2010?…that in this same article, Jenny Collins predicted that the new Arena would bring in $3.5Mil per year?…that the operating expenses would also be $3.5Mil per year?…that she doesn’t have a clue what the expenses are going to be because the the City of Evansville has yet to sign a contract with an operator and has not booked a single act into the new Arena?…that preliminary estimates such as these tend to be optimistic for new projects?…that Roberts Stadium does not have a mortgage?…that we bet that the numbers that Ms. Collins is quoting do not include the bond payments?…that spending over $128Mil to replace one break-even venue with $3Mil revenue with another breakeven venue with $3.5Mil revenue is financially irresponsible at best?…that excluding the bond payments in your P/L calculations is just false accounting?…that we have a place in Evansville for people that know nothing about financial matters?…that we may be seeing Jenny Collins on the Evansville Redevelopment Commission soon with that kind of mathematical ability?

IS IT TRUE that the value of an entertainment venue cannot be measured solely by its balance sheet?…that the infusion of cash in food, lodging, and entertainment can make it worth the cost to keep a building in operation?…that organizations such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses bring millions of dollars to the city when they hold events here?…that we still do not know if they are interested in returning if Roberts is shut down?…that we do know that they are concerned with costs and are looking at other options?

IS IT TRUE that tomorrow (Monday, August 1st), is the deadline for the CCO’s Freedom of Information Act regarding the Arena PREMIUM seating sales?…that we should finally know what privileged few have contracts on these seats, and for what price?…that we will be publishing this information for the public to analyze?…that we bet that their are no contracts that have been signed and authorized by the ERC?…that we bet the same situation holds for the sponsorship?…that a un-named headline sponsor has reportedly been selected by an un-contracted VenuWorks for an ERC that has not authorized the deal?…that SNEGAL is still in charge down at the Civic Center?…that it will be quite interesting to see if this whole premium seating and sponsorship pre-announcement has been SNEGAL or just a bit of false hype?…that we are betting on SNEGAL?

IS IT TRUE that despite the vague approach to the new arena’s revenue estimates, Jenny Collins was essentially projecting that the Arena would draw LESS TRAFFIC than Robert’s actual numbers?…that when you factor in increased venue rental cost and increased ticket prices, the $3.5Mil Arena Projected revenue would equate to LESS BODIES than Roberts $3+Mil actual revenue?…that despite having a perfect opportunity to report very optimistic numbers, Jenny Collins (perhaps unintentionally) predicted that the brand new $128+Mil Arena WOULD DRAW LESS TRAFFIC THAN ROBERTS STADIUM ALREADY DOES?

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4 Responses to IS IT TRUE? July 31, 2011

  1. trainwreck Reply

    July 31, 2011 at 1:18 pm

    And Roberts has been getting nothing at all from the ICEMEN. My guess is that the new Arena numbers came from adding the Roberts numbers to the ICEMEN numbers from Swonder.

    How simplistic and lazy can people be?

  2. Bowhunter72 Reply

    July 31, 2011 at 1:39 pm

    Looks like that Arena revenue number was pulled straight from somebodies rear end. You’d think if they were just going to make it up, they’d say 5mil or something that sounds better.

  3. crashlarue Reply

    July 31, 2011 at 2:24 pm

    Does ANYONE think we have honest government in Evansville?

  4. JoeBiden Reply

    July 31, 2011 at 3:18 pm

    Now that the EVSC will be abandoning their Civic Center Administration building to move a 7 iron away, the ERC should give strong consideration to using that Building as a possible Motel 6 with outside balconies. It would probably be alot less money than the fancy 3 star hotels they are currently considering.

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