IS IT TRUE? May 4, 2011

Rick Davis celebrates his victory with Council members Robinson and Friend

IS IT TRUE? May 4, 2011

IS IT TRUE that a total of only 9,192 votes were cast in last night’s primaries for all of the candidates for the nominations for Mayor of Evansville combined?…that for a city that houses 117,429 people that is a pathetic (or should we say apathetic) turnout?…that this represents a sample of only 7.83% of the total population?…that the largest vote getter at 3,996 was Rick Davis but that only represented 3.4% of the population of Evansville?…that the number of votes needed to win a major party primary to become CEO of the City of Evansville is pretty much the same number needed to place a referendum on a ballot?…that if the general election can only inspire 10% or less of the population to cast a vote that maybe Evansville needs to consider choosing our leadership through the use of petitions?…that we have to do better than this at getting out the vote?

IS IT TRUE that the post primary celebration for Rick Davis’s victory over Troy Tornatta drew an interesting crowd?…that joining the celebration and posing for the camera’s with Rick were sitting Democratic members of the Evansville City Council Connie Robinson and John Friend?…that we wonder if this is a sign of an olive branch or an enlightenment?

IS IT TRUE that Mole #3 predicted earlier on Tuesday that if Troy Tornatta was defeated by Rick Davis that it would be the end of Mr. Tornatta’s political career?…that Troy confirmed that in a television interview after the final margin of 59% to 41% was tallied?…that even Mole #3 expected the race to be closer and had predicted a 54% to 46% victory for Davis?…that Mr. Tornatta had enjoyed having his horse hitched to the Team Weinzapfel wagon during his early political career as both a County Councilman and County Commissioner?…that not realizing that it was time to unhitch his horse from the Team Weinzapfel wagon and to build a wagon of his own was the root of his two recent defeats?…that the TV commercial where Tornatta pointed to the Civic Center and pledged to keep the Team Weinzapfel wagon rolling was the turning point of what was looking to be a very close election?

IS IT TRUE that Mr. Tornatta is a young and energetic man who holds an executive position in a local tire company that bears his family name?…that Mr. Tornatta has a wife who is recognized and respected as an exemplary person from a prominent Evansville family?…that Troy is also recognized as being a caring and loving father?…that life is much worse for many people and that Mr. Tornatta’s time in the political arena will make him a better businessman and a better person?…that the City County Observer wishes Mr. Tornatta continued and bigger success as a private business owner?…that when Troy concentrates his considerable energy on his business and his family that he has the potential to become the job creator that he expressed a desire to be as a public servant?

IS IT TRUE that the biggest surprise of the night to many people was the first place finish of Jonathan Weaver in the at-large pool for the Democratic nomination for Evansville City Council?…that if Casino Aztar had been taking bets on the order of finish in this election that the odds would have been very long for Mr. Weaver to finish first?…that Mr. Weaver’s impressive showing should be a lesson to his 5 opponents in the general election to NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF THE TEA PARTY?

IS IT TRUE that Ex-City Councilman and City Council President Keith Jarboe bid to be reappointed for as the City of Evansville’s next Fire Chief is over?…that Jarboe was appointed Evansville Fire Chief by the Mayor Weinzapfel after a national search about two years ago? …that tonight the people of Evansville have spoken?…that both Lloyd Winnecke and Rick Davis have publically stated that Jarboe shall not be re-appointed Fire Chief in their administration?…that after a local search of Evansville voters in the primary election the voters agree with Davis and Winnecke?…that the Firefighters are the most vocal in this support?

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  1. Crash Larue Reply

    May 4, 2011 at 8:00 am

    The Worst Mayor in Evansville History , appointed the Worst Fire Chief in Evansville History.—–Thankfully, for the City and The Fire Service, the “Worst” is almost over.

    • blanger Reply

      May 4, 2011 at 8:46 am

      How true! but it still leaves Jarboe six months to retaliate against the Davis supporters in the fire department, I’d keep a close eye on any personnel changes or moves he makes in the up-coming months, all done under the guise of “for the betterment of the department”.

      • WoW Reply

        May 4, 2011 at 11:12 am

        This comment removed by staff

        • blanger Reply

          May 4, 2011 at 12:23 pm

          Not true at all….every firefighter I have talked to is unopposed to drug testing, the sticking point on that topic from what I understand is “what action” is taken upon a failed test, is it counseling, rehab, 3 strikes, dismissal? As in any contract details have to be worked out and lawyers have look of the document for potential land mines. The rest of your comment is pure BS I doubt Davis has promised such a non-issue would be removed when it has more to do with insurance premiums the city would pay without the program.

          Firefighters, same as police officers see many things in their job that the average citizen couldn’t stomach, from burnt up kids to massive gun shot wounds, all these things weigh on a normal person, how many people out there have the ability to extricate decapitated car wreck victims and not carry around those images in their mind?

          My only point is that regardless of what the situation is the police and firefighters are there to handle the problem, they carry home with them mental images that are akin to your worst horror movie, sometimes it’s more than what the average person can cope with and like everyone else a crutch to get by or over or to even bury the mental pictures is used and hopefully not abused.

          Ask any of the police or firefighters that worked the UE plane crash years ago if they still have a mental image of that night….you might be surprised what you hear.

          • Soon2B

            May 4, 2011 at 1:48 pm

            This is a very thoughtful and sensitive set of remarks. Thank you for putting into words that others should carefully consider.

            With regard to the last sentence of your remarks, I have a friend who indeed was one of the very first responders at the Drury Inn/JoJo’s crash site, and he suffers painful memories and physical scars to this day.

            Again, thanks, Blanger, for telling it like it is.

  2. Crash Larue Reply

    May 4, 2011 at 12:09 pm

    The comment by WoW needs to be moderated, It’s worthy of the National Enquirer, but not the CCO!

  3. Magic_Man Reply

    May 4, 2011 at 2:24 pm

    “IS IT TRUE that Mr. Tornatta is a young and energetic man who holds an executive position in a local tire company that bears his family name?…”

    That has to be the most hysterical comment I have read in a long time! Translated, it says, “Daddy gave him a job and a title and told him to go sell tires.” Great accomplishment!! That took a lot of guts, education, training and expertise to pull off!! Obtaining an executive position in a family business is quite an accomplishment to truly be proud of!! It was quite a struggle to work his way up that corporate ladder to get where he is!!

    First, he had to bear the trials and tribulations of wallering around in his mother’s belly for 9 months, go through childbirth, diapers, kindergarten, grade and high school and even college! The poor guy! He deserves it!! He stepped into an extremely stress-filled job. Do you have any idea how much energy, enthusiasm, expertise and gumption it takes to manage one or two miniature tire stores? I doubt it!

    • Bootsie Reply

      May 4, 2011 at 10:38 pm

      Poor Troy-back to the daily grind, sitting in that retro ex gas station front window-asleep in his chair, dreaming HE would be the KING-only to wake up!?
      he eats his pbj sammich, one tear trickles down his sad little face. hmm….strawberry jam, his favorite-
      thanks, mommie.

  4. Bootsie Reply

    May 4, 2011 at 5:36 pm

    We forget-myself included-how our firefighters and police sacrifice to protect us. Police officers and firefighters )(let’s not forget the medics, and OUR SOLDIERS) risk their lives for us any and every day. (which situation will have an idiot with a loaded gun?-which call will a firefighter be fatally injured trying to save someone else?)
    They see and deal with things we can only imagine-as best they can-and we’re kept safe from the horrors they have to shield us from.

    Thank you-you need a leader who looks out for all of you. We’d never make it without you.

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